Chapter 14

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Saturday at 2 pm in front of the bakery of the 3rd street:

Tsuna waited patiently well-dressed in front of the bakery which passer-by couldn't stop to look at her without blushing. Two students try to take her somewhere else by complimenting her, but she refused and pushed them away. Not accepting to be rejected, they threatened to hit her if she did not follow them. Tsuna refused again not sparring a single eye at them, one of the students got angry and tried to hit her. 

Tsuna, patient, not liking their behaviour would make them understand to not threaten a woman but a saviour comes to help them from her punishment... well kinda.

"To try to hit someone in Namimori I cuff you to death!" Say a cold voice, the students seeing who had said that was fleeing cowardly. Tsuna thanked him and bowed in gratitude knowing well who this person was since she was the one who invited him who is none other than Hibari Alaude. 

He growls and looked straight into her eyes, Tsuna understanding the message asked him what he wants pointing the bakery he grumbles again. She chuckles at his stubbornness. Alaude looks at her coldly, not liking the way she chuckled, then watches her go into the bakery and come out with a strawberry cake, a cheesecake (he doesn't know it) and tea in the bag. Tsuna seeing Alaude impatient so she offers to go to land in a place little frequented, arrived Alaude is surprised that is a small park where there is no one wondering if he knows his city well. 

After sitting down and of course of having taken the strawberry cake, Alaude begins to speak. "So why do you want to see me?" With a threatening tone. Tsuna did not flinch and continued to eat a piece of cake, then look him in the eyes and simply say. 

"To talk about three things: you, Giotto and the future, our future." In a serious tone. Alaude looks at her with wide-eyes then frowns. 

"Explain," he asks now interesting. Tsuna smiled warmly at him. 

"We're going to talk about love problems first," she said teasingly, Alaude growl blushing slightly. 

"First of all I have no feelings for Giotto-san or rather Ieyasu-san so stop disfiguring me as if I were your greatest enemy. You know that we are related (I mean distant cousin even if we, us, readers and author know the truth) even if some people seem to have forgotten and want to put us in couple and, no, I know he's love with me." Say Tsuna, watching Alaude go by to be relieved to annoy. 

"So you have the free rein to do anything but it is surprising that you have done nothing during the two years that you are friends." She said, scrutinizing Alaude who seems to be nervous and tense. After a few seconds, Tsuna sighed understanding the reason. 

"Fear of being rejected because being the same sex huh.." She begins. Suddenly she gets closer to Alaude's face nose to nose. 

"Alaude love is war, if you do not try anything, nothing will happen. Someone in the future could steal him from you. Love is not a sin even between boys or girls. That's why we're going to make an attack plan so that at first you manage to capture Giotto-san's heart and then confess, the road will be hard but I know you can do it!"She says with a determined and amused look. 

Alaude seemed stunned and then asked her the question that remains stuck in his throat "Why? Why do you want to help me? "Intrigued glaring at the weak but strong girl in front of him.

 Tsuna looks at him with a small smile and closes her eyes. 

"Is there always a reason to help someone? For me it's because I want it, it's my choice. I have two older brothers we are not bound by the bond of blood but it remains my big brothers, they are together, in love and happy. And the barrier that separates you from Giotto is tiny compared to these two people I know." She says, watching a couple of birds dance in the air. 

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