Chapter 15

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Tsuna walks with Fran who finally gets him out of the mansion, they roam the streets when they meet a child with an afro cut on the ground crying. Tsuna quickly approached the child and asks nicely if something wrong taking him in her arms. 

"Lambo-san, 5 years from the Bovino Famiglia and have the mission to kill Reborn n°1 hitman!!" Lambo cried introducing itself. Tsuna frowned at all the information she knows about the Bovino, Fran tells Lambo that he will not succeed. This one gets free from Tsuna's arms and says.

"You'll see!! I'll do it!" And then runs into the alley. Tsuna looked at Fran disapproving what he did and then gives him a slap on the back of his head, he looks at her asking 'what I did', Tsuna rolls his eyes.

"Let's follow him, he must be going to the Sawada's residence." She said, starting to run, Fran doesn't want it tries to pout but fails miserably and starts following her.

In the Sawada explosions animated the tranquillity of this happy afternoon, Nobuyoshi insulted at Reborn who told him to continue to do his homework by pointing Leon to him. Nobuyoshi growls aback while Ieyasu watched the altercation nervously. 

Why is Ieyasu in his brother's room? Simply because Reborn has decided that the brothers have to spend more time together doing their homework, but that does not please both. 

(Giotto doesn't want to be with Reborn while Nobuyoshi clearly doesn't like his brother or Reborn) Reborn loses patience and hits Nobuyoshi with a mallet, this one insults Leon of nonentity-lizard.

(Blasphemy!! Insult our cute Leon!!)

Reborn reprimanded him by replying that Leon is a chameleon and his most faithful partner, on the other hand, Giotto sighed disappointedly with the behaviour of his brother. Since Reborn came into the house, Nobuyoshi has become a disrespectful, selfish and malicious person to everyone except in front of classmates or in public. 

He begins to see his brother on a new day, or rather the true personality of his brother. Reborn doesn't hesitate to double his training because he wanted to let die very good guardians like Hayato and Takeshi.

From the first day, Reborn decreed that he would sleep in Giotto's room even if it is small with the pretext if he sleeps with this kid he will kill him 'accidentally'. 

This shows how is the relationship between Reborn and Nobuyoshi. 

On the other hand, Reborn and Giotto get along, they can have quite a normal conversations, even if Giotto complains every time Reborn hit him saying a boss does not have to do this or that.

He sighs again, rubbing his head as he thinks of the blows he has received on his head, he turned his head towards the window. He sees a child in a cow suit and cuts off the bazooka, grenades and of guns in the tree.

"Lambo-san comes to kill you Reborn!!" Reborn ignores him and continued to teach math at Nobuyoshi and returns the grenade to Lambo and exploding to his face.

Ieyasu moves quickly towards Lambo to see if he is not hurt, this one does not abound and throws a multitude of grenades. Nobuyoshi bawls Reborn to do something but this one tells him to focus on his homework by dodging the grenades and hit Lambo with a book on him. Lambo began to cry and introduced himself, Ieyasu tries to calm him but Nobuyoshi loses patience and throws Lambo out the window, shouting. 

"Get out of my room whining loser!!"

Tsuna POV

Arriving at the residence I saw Lambo falling from Nobuyoshi's room, I start running faster to catch him. By catching him I see some wounds here and there, I get angry releasing some KI. Suddenly I see Gio-nii come out of the house and frantically look around, then rush to see me and Lambo in my arms.

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