Chapter 24

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3rd POV

The next day Giotto and the other came to visit Tsuna, when they arrive there were already Isabella, Lambo, I-pin and someone they don't know in the room. He was tall and imposing, his cold face when they came to see it had frozen and intimidated them but seeing how he took care of children Giotto understood that he was like a gentle teddy bear. Reborn listening to the presentation views the big hairpin with an odd feeling, same with Isabella but she was waiting about the checkup with Verde and Shamal. But Reborn it's Reborn so when he wants to know something he will know. 

"Tsuna what is this big hairpin?" Tsuna who was playing with the children turned her head towards him then looks at the hairpin, Giotto and the other observes the huge hairpin with interest asking the same question. 

"Ah, this? It's a request that someone gave me to do." Isabella and Vlad furrowed with the other man named Eduard. "What request is it Hime-sama?" Cannot help but ask Isabella knowing that sometimes the requests she receives are sometimes dangerous. 

"Oh, nothing serious or dangerous, you see he's damaged and I'm going to restore him after I'm out of this hospital, someone will come looking for him." She answered sarcastically when she talked about the hospital, but she was cautious when she explains that to them, she knows she lied to them but she really wanted to get out. 

She can feel Reborn and his brother staring at her. She ignored them playing the children with Eduard. Verde and Shamal come in her room delivered the news. Everyone is silent waiting for what they will say like they waiting for a judgement.

"Your body is still unstable, but you can get out of the hospital as long as you do not force yourself too hard and you do not work too much." Said Shamal severely. 

"I will also create a more efficient necklace than you have." Add Verde. 

"So I just need a vacation." Murmured Tsuna smirking thinking to someone. 

Vlad begins to pity his friends seeing Tsuna smirking, having to deal with the paperwork of the princess in addition to his own. Eduard and Isabella can only sigh exasperatedly while Giotto sweats drop.

"I already pity the one who is going to have to do your paperwork, knowing that you have an astronomical amount at the moment. Let the poor man in peace and think about someone else, sometimes I wonder if you're not the hidden daughter of one of Reborn's conquests sometimes." Sighed Shamal scratching his head, really pitying his best friend. 

"I don't know what you are talking, but, Reborn being my father would be wonderful!" She beamed at the compliments. 

Reborn looks at her surprisingly after her honest confession. He never has a daughter or even a family, he was always alone as long he remembers. He never found a 'home' even with Luce, she was the Giglio Nero boss and had already her guardians, she really didn't need them, the arcobaleno. He was really upset when she disappeared, saying nothing to them, to him but not to the point to be sad and shut down from everyone. 

(He was so furious to be cursed he go in exile for three years but...) He didn't really harmonized with her, the same for the other, she was a wonderful sky like it was rare nowadays but even she treated them nicely or gave everything a sky can give they didn't a strong bond as Elements(guardians) and Sky. So hearing he could have a daughter made him eerie, no like he didn't want it somehow he considered the young girl and his student as his children but hearing she wants to be his daughter make him happy. 

A warm feeling goes through his body. He wants it to keep it forever and don't want to lose it. He had gained his family here coming in this small town to teach a future Don and a bunch of eccentric teens. He smiled, liking the idea to have Tsunahime has his daughter, he knew she didn't have the best parents so he could at least be a father who can love her no?

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