Chapter 17

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POV 3rd person

The week that Tsuna was absent was full of... rebound with the encounter with Haru Miura, to manage and protect Lambo from Nobuyoshi, to avoid Kyoya to fight Nobuyoshi who was irritated as no end for unknown reasons even he fled at the sight of the skylark and especially the famous rumour that Tsuna and Alaude had a date.

When Tsuna heard this from Hana, she could not help laughing and yes when she heard that Haru Miura wanted to become the future wife of her older brother Giotto she thought directly of Alaude who must think to eliminate her as a rival, after all from her advise love is war. Or when she heard everyone's reaction from Hana's mouth of the famous date and finally wondered why Hibari Kyoya was pissed and frustrated.

In short, she was in delight to the chaos she created, later she gave a bento to Hayato and Takeshi who were bickering like always and gave one to Alaude and Kyoya, which the youngest looked really happy, she wondered why. Nobuyoshi watched her with hatred with his minions preparing something as she heard from the whispers, she just shrugged at this knowing what they prepare. She met Giotto with Asari and G in the corridors, this one starts warning his eyes of hers.

"Giotto-san are you alright?" She asks worry about his behaviour.

"Y-yes I'm fine d-don't worry!!" He says waving his hands in the air, G was sighing and Asari laughs nervously at Giotto's behaviour, suddenly Reborn appeared and hit him with his mallet.

"A boss should not shutter."

"Reborn!" Giotto shouted, massaging his skull.

"Ciao~ Reborn I seem you're still sadistic and... more present with Giotto-san than his brother." Greet Tsuna always smiling.

"Ciaossu Tsuna, Dame-Ie has to learn somehow and the brat is a desperate case." He says with a haughty 'meh' look. Tsuna hums something incomprehensible and then faces Giotto.

"You want to ask me something, don't you? Don't hesitate! I'm not going to eat you!" She asks, he blushes violently.

"I-no there is-- " he exclaimed but was stopped by G who gave him a slap on the head.

"He wanted to know if you're really going out with Alaude." He says scowling at Giotto.

"Hahaha, we're all curious to know." Asari adds with his easy-going attitude.

"I'm curious to know that too." Reborn asks, in turn, don't liking that she was with the platinum skylark or a boy all the way. Tsuna chuckled and explained to them that Alaude had helped her with two abusive students and had helped her to carry the groceries, Asari laughed, G and Reborn smirked and Giotto sighed with relief. Tsuna inclined her head to the side.

"Do you want to know anything else Kyoya?" She questioned the one who was spying on their conversation. He groaned and then went in the other direction, Tsuna chuckles, while G and Giotto sweatdrop. At midday Kyoko, Hana, Hayato and Takeshi asked her the same question, she laughed at their stubbornness and told them the same thing at their sempai. All of a sudden Ryohei burst at the rooftop and yells.

"Armonia fight me!!!"

"Teme how can you ask Hime-sama to fight you?" Hayato exclaims with his dynamites out.

"It's true Oniisan Tsuna has a weak body!!" Say Kyoko while Hana whispers "stupid monkeys" then they hear.

"You're too loud, I beat you to death." Kyoya pulls out his tonfas emitting a dark aura. Takeshi laughs nervously and Hayato puts himself in a defensive position in front of Tsuna while Ryohei prepares to face Kyoya but Tsuna begins to chuckles.

"Why not? It's been a long time that I did boxing." Declared Tsuna. All stop and look at her.

"Are you sure Hime-sama?" Hayato asks worriedly, Tsuna nodded.

"Today I'm in perfect health, so it's ok!" She swears in front of the storm worry face. "If Hime-sama says so.." Mumbled Hayato.

"YOSHH! After the classes Armonia we will do an EXTREME match!! " Shouted Ryohei leaving the rooftop, Kyoya retracts to his nap place, interesting about Tsuna's abilities combat skills.

At the end of the school, Tsuna goes to the boxing club accompanied by Hayato, Takeshi, Kyoko and Hana. When they arrive there was already the student's council (Giotto, G, Asari, Lampo, Knuckle) and Reborn disguises as Master Paopao here. When she arrived, she was greeted by Ryohei who shout 'EXTREME' then Reborn, she compliments his disguise and thanks Knuckle who had prepared the boxing gloves for her.

Giotto told her that she can always refuse, she answers that she never went back on her words. Tsuna climbs into the ring with a smile as well as Ryohei, the others could feel the atmosphere of competition emanating from the two people in the ring all curious even the two new arrivals of the unfolding of the fight. When Knuckle rings the bell, Tsuna, who was in the attack position, arrives in the blink of an eye in front of Ryohei to punch him in the face, the latter surprise just managed to defend himself but was forced to retreat. Tsuna steps back and repositions herself with a feral smile.

"Let's fight without holding back Ryohei-san!" She says, positioning herself ready to attack. Taking up his mind, the boxer smiles excited to be able to face an extreme person and returns to his position. Tsuna throws herself on him by giving him a blow to his belly, seeing that he was going to defend his belly she quickly stops net her attack and gives an uppercut with the other fist. Understanding too late Ryohei takes the uppercut in full force but thanks to his great resistance he gives a hook but Tsuna defends by stepping back. Some spectators were trying to figure out what happened.

"... What happened just now?" Ask Hana a little hesitant.

"I think she made a feint aiming at his belly but changed hand for to hit the face, I guess." Giotto said, recapitulating what he had just seen.

"Everything you said is right except on one thing." Reborn comments.

"She did not pretend but really had the attention of hitting him at the belly but seeing that he defended himself, she stopped her attack and changed hands at the same time to make an uppercut and all this in a fraction of a second." Commented Reborn impressed by the fight, amazing of such a high combat skill for a 14-year-old girl who was weakened by illness (curse). 

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