Chapter 16

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Pov 3rd person

The week, where Tsuna along with Isabella and Vlad went to China and Texas for alliances with some gangs and clans, was peaceful, really peaceful. To every group who affiliate and allied to the Armonia Famiglia, all of them are not offensive groups, indeed more than 80% are small groups selling information here and there. As the meetings ended rather than expected Tsuna comes to visit someone she cherishes, a person she harmonized even under critical moment but she is happy to have harmonized someone like him, a serene storm. 

As you must know, Tsuna has visited Fon the Storm Arcobaleno, a friend and uncle, as well as her martial arts instructor. Tsuna entered the garden, a calm and relaxing atmosphere floating in the air as in any Chinese garden. She walked a little in the garden looking for the wanted person, arriving in the bamboo field Tsuna saw two small figure doing different postures. One of them is the Storm arcobaleno Fon with a serene face and the other is a little girl with a mat, Tsuna remained silent and watched them smiling. After a few minutes, Fon (Feng) opened his eyes and looks at Tsuna smiling.

"Nĭ hăo Tsunahime." Tsuna approached them happy to feel Fon's storm flames. 

"Nĭménhăo uncle Fon, I-pin." She greeted, in turn, walking towards them, her flames glue happier when the distance between them disappeared.

"Beautiful..." I-pin thought in mandarin, without realizing that she just said it out loud, for her Tsuna is the most beautiful person she has ever met. Tsunahime chuckled softly.

"Thank you I-pin, you are cute too." She said in Chinese, the little girl reddened flushing to the compliment.

"I-pin here is Tsunahime your eldest and Donna of the Armonia Famiglia." Explained Fon to his pupil with a smile growing wider when he senses his flames finally connected to his sky.

"You can call me jiějiě if you want." Implied Tsuna, I-pin has radiate with happiness and called her jiějiě all the time (big- sister). Fon chuckled and invited Tsuna to have tea that she gladly accepted. An hour after talking about martial arts, music and all things the atmosphere around Fon changed abruptly. Tsuna stopped sipping her tea keeping her calm demeanour while I-pin shivered in surprised to see her master with such serious face.

"Tsunahime can I ask you a favour? It's about I-pin, I would like you to take I-pin with you, I don't like that the Triad wants to I-pin to become an assassin. I --- " began Fon frowning with a pleading look. 

"I accept Uncle Fon." said Tsuna with a smile. 

"I wish her to live a normal life... Wait! What? What did you say? You accept? Really? "Asked Fon after figuring out what Tsuna just said. She nodded and explained she see no problem at this then she talked about her life in her last months. Fon laughed openly when he heard Tsuna fooling Reborn, beating her twin brother or flirting with her big brother. Then he seemed surprised to hear that the future Decimo and his Guardians were the spitting image of the first generation and then made a sad smile at the mention of Kyoya and Alaude.

"Fon you worry too much, I will never refuse a child, then you know, I already have Lambo with us, I-pin, in addition, does not bother me. Besides, who will refused to have a cute little sister. If I-pin wishes it, of course." Said Tsuna, addressing to the two infants in turn. I-pin squealed of joy and accept hugging her, Fon sighed in relief and asked her to prepare her luggage, I-pin left immediately to pack her things. 

When I-pin was no more in the room Tsuna went into her boss/princess/empress mode, which alerted Fon. He is one of the rare few people who know that Tsuna is the Sky arcobaleno and it's really, really rare to see such grave face on her face, it means that something big, really big is happening. Tsuna explained to him about the new drug that is spreading around the world and its effects. Fon promised to transmit everything he learned, knowing the ones who spread the drug have not the attention to stop to sacrifice innocent people and having some plans toward the drug. Tsuna thanked him sincerely, he replied that is nothing and he only helps a friend and a family member. She said that she will leave in a few hours while I-pin was preparing to leave and saying goodbye to her master.

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