Chapter 23

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  POV 3rd

When everyone is gone and the moon lights up her room, Tsuna receives a visitor. Bathed in the light of the moon her ivory skin shone like diamonds, the visitor was captivated but even he was caught by a wave of nostalgia when he heard her humming that only him and his dear friend know. 

Suddenly he saw his friend in her, the same eyes, the same warm smile and the same voice. All his doubts evaporate instantly, his steel eyes see the truth now, he found the one he missed so much. Tsuna knowing who is the visitor continue to sing the song that she can't stop sing when she tried to remember this person.(Dear you-Higurashi)  

Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu ka?(Where are now, what are you doing?)

Kono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu ka?(Are you in this endless sky?)

She closes her eyes and remembers a young boy with black hair, but she can't see his face or hear his voice.  

Ima made watashi no kokoro umete ita mono ushinatte hajimete kizuita

(I realize for the first time that I've lost what has been in my heart until now)

Konna ni mo watashi wo sasaete kurete ita koto(How much you supported me)

Konna ni mo egao kureteita koto(How much you made me smile)

She remembers he always helps her in protecting her from the bullies and trying to comfort her when she was abused by her family.  

Ushinatte shimmatta daishou wa totsusumonaku ooki sugite

(That I'd lost them was too much to consider)

Torimodosou to hisshi ni te wo nobashite mogaku keredo

(Even though I struggled so desperately to reach out to them and take them back)   

 She will ashame to not remember him and all the moments she passed with him, she always thought about it and tried again and again to remember.  

Maru de kaze no you ni surinukete todokisou de todokanai

(But like the wind, they slipped through my fingers)

Kodoku to zetsubou ni mune wo shimetsukerare

(Looking as though they would reach me, but did not)

Kokoro ga kowaresou ni naru keredo(My heart felt like it would break)  

Omoide ni nokoro anata no egao ga(But your smiling face remains in my memories)

watashi wo itsumo hajemashite kureru(Always encouraging me)  

But it always hurt her thinking that was just a dream or fake hope but every time she saw his smile it encourages her to find him.  

Mou ichido ano koro ni modorou(Let's return to those days once more)

Kondo wa kitto daijoubu(This time, I know it will be alright)

Itsuma soba de waratteiyou(Always smiling by your side)

Anata no sugu soba de(Close by your side)  

But maybe she found him, the one who was always by her side so... maybe he can forgive her to not able to remember him and be friends again.

Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu ka?(Where are now, what are you doing?)

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