Chapter 4

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'A whisper...'

2 years later:

A 7-year-old girl wakes up from an operating table with great difficulty after a doubtful and painful experience, she has gold ambers eyes and semi-wavy brown hair and a pale complexion as if she was anaemic. She discovers that the room has no guards or scientists and that her straps are removed, without thinking she leaves the secret room weakly and discovers the corpses of Estreano staff on the floor. She continues to explore with her weak forces the bloody corridors until she hears unknown voices. Continuing her way to the voices she sees a man with a medium-long silver hair, a boy older than her with a crown on his head and a baby wearing a black outfit with a hood covering their eyes and a frog on his head.

" VOOIII!!! These guys from Estraeno are too weak!" Shouted the silver-haired man slicing a researcher with his sword.

"Ushsihsi ~ this mission is insignificant for the prince." Discuss the other young man with the hooded baby, this one answers him with an indifferent tone. "Muu ~~ as long as I get paid."

The girl looks at the door quietly but it was brief because the silver-haired man noticed her. "VOOIII!! Shity prince, are you sure all the kids have been evacuated??" Exclaimed the swordsman.

Rain, a cutting rain, a pride predator...

"Of course the prince has evacuated them all, they are outside with the pervert" answer the blond.

Storm, a sharp storm, a sloth prince...

"VOI! So why there is a kid at the corner of the door!" Refuted the man waving his sword.

"Mu ~ Kid comes here, why are you here and not with others?" Asked the baby hooded.

Mist, a greedy mist, one of the rainbow, cursed...

The girl obeys and gets weakly close to them without fear because her intuition tells her that they are dangerous but will not hurt her and they wear the same uniform of the man she saw in her dream. 

"I was in the secret operating room CN-27." She said calmly, hearing that the three people look at each other and think the same thing. 

"It's this girl who is the most powerful weapon that Estreano was creating!" 

But before saying anything the girl's intuition goes on alert, a man of Estreano points his gun at the hooded baby. She is the first to react by placing herself in front of the baby to protect her projecting Sky flames at the enemy, but the man fired the same time he receives the flames before succumbing. The bullet pierces the belly of the girl, the swordsman is the first to react by preventing the girl from collapsing on the ground.

"Go get the rescue team!" He said, the baby left first then followed the boy without saying a word. "Stay alive kid! "

The next day:

The girl wakes up in the soft morning light, looking around only wondering where she was. She tried to sit down, but a sharp pain made her fall. She looked to her right and saw the silver-haired man she had seen in the Estreano base and then a man with a green wick and sunglasses. The men are arguing, she closed her eyes. Once again, she managed to be caught in another mess. But at least she understood that the other children were safe. Wiggling in her place, thinking about her brother, her "family" and her last two years in hell. They must be happy without her during those last two years. 

"Finally awake, kid?" The girl looked at the swordsman, his eyes were an intense grey that looked like a hungry shark looking at his prey and then the man with sunglasses who behaves like a girl.

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