Chapter 12

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3rd POV

Two days after 'The Curly Accident' Tsuna is back to school in good mood, bringing five bento boxes: an orange for her, a red for Gokudera, a blue for Takeshi and two purple for the Hibari brothers. On reaching the gate she is greeted by her friends: Takeshi, Hayato and Kyoko and Hana in class. Classes passed quietly, Tsuna daydreaming looking at the sky, Hayato twisting his dynamites and Takeshi sleeping behind his book. 

At the midday break, Hayato and Takeshi told Tsuna that they met Bianchi, Hayato and G's half-sister yesterday. Hayato is uncomfortable to see his sister still traumatized by her Poison Cooking and tried to kill Giotto and Nobuyoshi so that Reborn is free from his responsibility. She sweats dropped hearing this but thought it would have been fun to see that

After eating Tsuna left for the Disciplinary Council room with the two purple bentos. Knocking at the door she hears a grunt so she lets herself enter. She is greeted by two bored prefects immersed in the paperwork, she deduces that they have not eaten seeing how much they did. 

"Take time to eat, the work will not go faster if you don't eat." Exclaimed Tsuna, shaking her head. 

She approached them, holding out a bento to each other. "Here, missing the meal it's not good, look like Giotto-san and the others are not the only ones having problems with paperwork." She said amused in front of their upset face. Tsuna leaves the room leaving both of them looking at their bento.

Alaude POV

After the fluffy-carnivore left the room with a mocking face, I and Kyoya turned our attention to the bentos in front of us. Kyoya is the first to open, I see that his bento consists of hamburger steak, omelette with pickled salad and mochis. Everything is his favourite dishes, that piques my curiosity hoping it would be the same. I open mine and discover sliced duck breast, onigiri, carrot sticks and vanilla cottage cheese. It's practically all that I love, surprised that she managed to make our favourite dishes after she knows us just few days ago. When I ate this delicious bento (and I would not it out loud) I discovered a piece of paper.

Dear Alaude-sempai,

I hope that both of you will love the bentos I made, but this message is destined for you and only you for an appointment on Saturday at 2 pm in front of the bakery of the 3rd street. If you do not come I would tell everyone that you like Sawada Ieyasu.

With love, Armonia Tsunahime.

"SHIT!!! She the Devil in disguise!!" I thought annoyed.

POV 3rd person

At the end of the classes, Tsuna, Giotto and the other as well a bored Nobuyoshi and Reborn who sits on Giotto's head went to the gate's school. Suddenly more than doubtful purple cakes goes towards the heads of Giotto and Nobuyoshi, they dodge them quickly. 

"Ane-Aneki!!" Hayato said before fainting narrowly caught by G. 

"Bianchi!!" Giotto shouted surprised she is here and crying mentally pitying his poor existence. 

"What's this woman doing here?" Continues Nobu pissed not hiding his glare. 

"Ciaossu Bianchi." Greeted Reborn. 

"Reborn, my love I'm here to pick you up and see this 'Hime-sama' that Hayato is talking so much!" She says, throwing herself on Reborn and hugging him. 

When she talks about Tsuna all eyes are heading towards her, imperturbable Tsuna approaches Bianchi. Bianchi scanned the girl in front of her, and without lying to herself she thought she had a real princess in front of her. 

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