Chapter 8

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POV 3rd person

The next three days went smoothly and peaceful for our princess. Tsuna the next day as promised she went to the bakery with Kyoko and Hana, they were amazed how much Tsuna can eat cakes then after they went to visit the city in Tsuna and go shopping. The next day Tsuna did not feel well because of cursed she have but she still wanted to go to school ignoring the protests of her family, her body doesn't comply and she fainted. 

On the third day, Hana and Kyoko were worried because she had not come to class, Tsuna explained to them that her body is weak at times and that she is sometimes absent. During the break, Nobuyoshi tried (read: tried) to talk or rather flirt with Tsuna but was ignoring because she knows that he just approached her to increase his popularity. Indeed in just two days, all the college knows her with title 'Hime' an elegant, social and intelligent person whom anyone would like as a friend but hard to approach. 

In addition, Tsuna observes Takeshi and asks if he was okay in the halls, but he always answered the same answer "Yes I'm fine" like a mantra, Tsuna felt frustrated when she saw Yamamoto to lying himself and believe his own lies. In the meantime, she met her brother Ieyasu and his two best friends G, who looks like one of her acquaintances, but with cough-rose-cough red hair and Ugetsu Asari, Yamamoto Takeshi's cousin. She notes the tremendous resemblance to the first generation that is so much the appearance or their character. Likewise when she met Hibari Alaude the other chairman of the Disciplinary Committee in the corridor, like his brother he fixed her like a predator. Moreover Hibari Kyoya since his meeting with Tsuna at the roof he took interest in our brunette, indeed this one watches Tsuna in the corridors and follows a few minutes in the streets to leave her alone thereafter but don't try to attack her just observe her. But for Tsuna basically she was not displeased of it because she felt protect like in a distant past with an odd and familiar presence, she starts to think if he is the one.

In Namimori airport a baby with a black suit and tie with a red shirt, a fedora with an orange band and a yellow pacifier has just arrived, he caresses his chameleon on his hand with a smirk thinking about the tor- I mean tutoring his new students.

Tsuna POV

Today I get up a little earlier than usual because today is the big day the, No°1 hitman, the strongest arcobaleno, Reborn the sun arcobaleno arrive! I get dressed and prepared the lunches for everyone and my bento and say goodbye to everyone by remembering to Fran to clean his room and wash his dirty linen. I left to make a detour towards the Sawada residence when arriving I saw Reborn put a piece of paper into the mailbox. 

"Eeh~ I'm sure on the paper must be written like that he will train Gio-nii and Nobuyoshi to becomes a good boss for a bed three meals per day. Courage Gio-nii I'm with you and for Nobuyoshi... Mmmh how are you going to react to the real Nobuyoshi no to the real Sawada family, Reborn?" I thought, keeping my face impassive. I mask my presence with the help of the Mist and Night Flames, passing in front of the residence, I observe that Reborn hid in the tree in the court. He must wait for my brothers to leave, I chuckled thinking about the trials they will spend with Reborn. I left quietly to the College listening music with my Ipod.

POV 3rd person

In the Sawada residence, a beautiful housewife prepares breakfasts and bentos for her dear sons then left to pick up the mail. She finds a flyer or a tutor will teach his two sons to become leaders made in exchange for a roof and three meals per day. Happy Nana Sawada knowing who is coming returned to announce this to her sons. When she returned home she sees Giotto finish eating, take his bento and leave saying that he has worked as president of the Council of students. Ieyasu took few steps then stopped and looks at the tree. After a few seconds he runs to the college, a certain baby smiles watching him run. 

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