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This Omake contain sexual content not suitable for children and I know for Christmas this omake doesn't suit.


The ball of Fiamme Giovani knows as the Ball of Great Madness where a hundred small or young Famiglias had gathered to form some alliances. But the conclusion of the ball is that all the Famiglias tried to kill each other and then all became friends and ally under the banner of the Empress.

What could have happened to get there? Why do you want to kill each other to be friends in the end? Those who were present at the ball speak that they had fun (more or less * cough *) and to have found a true leader, their Empress.

(The rumour that they were killing each other through the fact is that when they came home they all had their habit torn and scratched or hematomas for some, even a few of them were naked.)

When asked about their answers remains very vague, so the question everyone asks is: what really happened? One person knows the truth and she remembers very well what happened this night. For her, this night was a nightmare, the worst ball she could ever dream because she was the principal responsible for this crazy night. Yes, Armonia Tsunahime, tenth Donna of the Armonia Famiglia was the responsible.


In a luxurious, opera-sized room, hundreds of well-dressed people chat happily in a Christmas night. The food is of high quality as well as the drink and the service, the good-looking staff come and go between the room and the kitchen. Also with a slightly romantic Chopin note, gave the room a fairy spirit. A little girl felt a little out of context, even though she wore a pretty little dress that showed off her pretty amber-golden eyes, her caramel hair and her cherry-coloured lips.

But in this room, the little girl was feeling to be in the den of a pack of wolfs. Indeed the adults around her were bosses from small or new Famiglia, CEO or even gang. She never showed she was bored and tired to great every single person, she smiled serenely and gratefully to everyone.

"There hyenas here, good there also good persons here." Whispered the little brunette at the blond next to her. She nodded and eye people around her and especially a man in his forties with black jet hair with some grey hair set back, bright blue eyes and a well-built body.  

"If you want to talk with him, just go. It's been a while you look at him, I'll be good alone so go." Say Tsuna at her foster mother, Isabella turns abruptly toward her blushing.

"It was not you think Hime-sama!" Answered back Isabella really embarrassed, Tsuna rolled her eyes but smirk playfully.

"It's been a while since you two are staring at each other, it shows that you like him and that he likes you. Go flirt with him, it is not every day that we find your soulmate. "


"Just go. I will be near to Shamal so you have to not worry. Try to get his number phone."

Isabella looked at for a second before going to the handsome man. "Did she give a piece of advice or..?"

Tsuna looks amused at Isabella confused to what she said then go to Shamal trying to flirt with a servant. She sighed annoying, she can sense all the stares were toward her. Some of them were with pity, some were with disdain but most of them were looking down at her. She ignored them, a little part of her can understand, a 12 years old girl being a mafia boss it's not every day you see one. They mocked her, it okay, at least some of them don't, knowing to not judge the book by his cover. After all, Vongola Primo had created Vongola when he was fourteen.

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