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Hello, hello!! It's my first fanfiction, really my first fanfiction so I want to warn certain things:

1- There will have grammatical mistakes, poor vocabulary and bad spelling. ( english is not my first language)

2- I do it for the fun and to train me so if you see misspelling please tell me thank you.

3- I DON'T OWN KHR IT BELONG TO Amano Akira ( a genius... why did you stop it (('д`)))

4- Only my OCs belong to me ( There are a lot...)

5- I will try to follow the original story time but some thing will change.

6- Maybe every chapter will be long because it will complete, I mean everyone who will read     don't know the manga so I will explain (almost) everything   

I think it's all... OH! If you have some advises to give me to make reading easier or anything else I thank you in advance.

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