Chapter 20

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  POV 3rd

The next day in the morning Reborn chooses to know a little more about his students with the help of Skullitis Disease, when they know the effect of the disease they all panic but not for the same thing. 

Nobuyoshi tells to his mother he is sick, Nana stops immediately what was she doing and says to him to go to bed while Ieyasu begged Reborn to have the antidote. The sadist tutor explained there is only one person who owns the antidote who is other than Trident Shamal when he wants to ask to call this person a weird voice can be heard.

'It's me who left Barn and Cassy got G's room 7 years ago because he hides my cakes' Giotto blushed embarrassed while Reborn smirks amused of his student's reaction but someone shouted. 

"So it was you, who let those two drooling machines damn it!! Because of you, I had to clean their fucking mud and slime tracks!!!" Giotto turned to the front door facing G visibly angry.   (No shit Sherlock, you let two big dogs who love mud to go to his room)

"G-G I can explain everything!! R-Reborn what does it mean!!" He stutters not wanted to meet his friend eyes. Reborn hits him.
"A boss doesn't stutter, and for your information, the Skullitis reveals the deepest secrets out loud until you died." Explained Reborn smirking. 

Leaving his student panicked with his best friend who was about to strangle him, Reborn went upstairs to see Nobuyoshi to hear his secrets, he knows that the boy was hiding something but he was stopped by Nana.

"Ara Reborn-san, you are worried about Yoshi-kun? Don't bother to see him I'll call a doctor and then he'll be healed!" She says with a sweet smile still not letting Reborn pass. He tilted his fedora hiding his annoyance but regained himself. 

"No need I already call one Mama." He says with his squeaky voice.

Reborn POV

I see Mama go to the kitchen.
"Baka-Nobu and Mama really hid something!! As Tsuna said, I'm sure Baka-Mitsu is on but Dame-Ie is the clueless one here. I now understand what she said on the roof now. They hiding something big and they don't want to Dame-Ie to know this but what?" I thought, watching my toy student panicked about the proliferation of skulls on his body, one of them say something interesting. 

'In the past, my dream was to marry Tsunayoshi' 

Everybody stopped what they're doing even Nana stopped cooking, G stops yelling at Dame-Ie visibly worry about his friend's reaction and Dame-Ie was broken on the verge of tears. 

"Gio..." G murmured trying to comfort his friend suddenly another skull say a troublesome secret. 

'Sometimes I hear Tsunayoshi what it's my fault that he died.' 

"This is not what I thought when she says he was eaten by regrets." I thought looking Giotto crying, his storm can't anything to comfort him even his guardians will not be able to do anything, my heart aches, seeing him in this state. 

"This emotion is like the one I feel with Tsuna, am I caring them like my own children?" I ask myself watching him suffer frustrated because I can't comfort him, Mama just watching us with a worried face but it seen too fake, she's more annoyed. My pacifier suddenly glows. 

"An arcobaleno is near? Who?"

Tsuna POV

I walked towards the Sawada's residence with Verde on my shoulder.
"Are you sure to come with me? Reborn will be here you know." I chuckle looking at Verde's annoying face. 

"Huff!! Even he is here I don't care but your health is more important, but are you sure Trident Shamal will be here or even help you? If you didn't hide that you are the sky arcobaleno..." He sighs, I smile sadly remembering the fact that I told him I was the sky arcobaleno.


"I am the sky arcobaleno..." I said haltingly, he looked at me blinking then his face distorted with anger. 

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