Chapter 13

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POV 3rd person

Being the last day of the school week, Tsuna should be seated in his place listening to Nezu's class, which is not one btw but she is in the process of capturing a dealer who would have broken the Omerta and have information about the new drug. So why does our dear Tsunahime catch a criminal in the middle of the day? Where is the Vindice, the guardians who protect the laws of the Mafia? Well, let's go back until the early morning would you mind.

At 8am

Tsuna walked hastily in a dark hallway, white-grey tile, black walls with small candles. On Tsuna's face there is fatigue, but especially anger, annoyance and frustration. Arriving in the common room of the house where she teleported she crossed a man with noble clothes and bandages, we could call him beautiful if he was not dead, a zombie. Beside him he has a doll the size of a child in a magician costume that could happen to be human, this one greeted her.

 "Principessa good morning, but what are you doing here?" Said Ginger Bread, bowing.

Tsuna POV

"Pricipessa to what do I owe this visit from you? " Ask curiously Alehandro. 

"Alejandro I come for the request you asked me." I say stressing every word with the most exhausting voice ever hear. 

"Sorry to ask you, but what request are you talking about?" He asks courteously. 

"Eh? How is 'what request'? Small Gia woke me up at 4 am screaming in the phone 'It's a request, XXXXX!!!' He did not ask me to find him or checked his background, no he just gave me his fucking name!!!! I did not sleep more than 2 hours and I am told that I have this for nothing! I will kill him, not seen that he is already dead I will torture him!!!!" 

I snapped unable to contain me anymore, letting out killing intent shouting with all my force.

 "Smal Gia !!!!!" 

I do not know the cluster of Vindice who gathered in the room armed ready to eliminate me but stops by seeing me their Principessa. Jack gets closer and asks me. 

"Principessa but what's going on?" With his gruff voice trying to appease her. I breathe a good breath and then explain what's going on.

POV 3rd person

The Vindice sweatdrop, Jack and Alejandro facepalm and Tsuna fume. But a saviour comes to their rescue. 

"So this person broke a law?" Ginger Bread said breaking the silence, 

"God be praised, thanks to Ginger !" Think the Vindice in the room.

"Well he has experimented on adult civilians, experimenting is a big word but he is testing a new drug on them. She has no taste, no smell or special physical form, it can be found in our water and our food without us noticing it. "Start Tsuna in a tired voice reading his report.

"The victims of drugs are highly addicted from the first dose, they become violent but there are other effects that no one could never suspect: like having Dying Will Flames." Tsuna explained. 

Jack and Alejandro frowned, the atmosphere in the room became increasingly tense. 

"What do you want to mean by effects and moreover by Dying Will Flames?" Asks Jack, Tsuna frowns. 

"The victims are seeing their physical abilities increased tenfold and allow to develop flames. XXXXX was a member of the Segreto Famiglia but he reportedly sold information from Segreto to join the group that provided him drugs. Some of the drug addicts were arrested for committing crimes of extreme violence but died after 2-3 days because they can't have the drug again, eating their vital energy. They have not yet revealed the flames to the public just some sparks were detected among the testimony but it would be soon, my intuition tells me that this drug is a great threat. "Explained Tsuna with a grim face.

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