Chapter 10

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POV 3rd person

Tsuna in the car to go to class ate her breakfast, indeed after chatting all night she got up late and with her body weakened by the curse so she looked like more to a zombie. Even if she goes to class by car she is already late and yes chatting until late at night is not a good idea, not really.

 Along the way Vlad asked her if she is okay, she says yes and asked him to look for her after class. Wanting to enter the establishment she is suddenly attacked by Hibari Kyoya but dodged his attack. 

"Gomen Hibari-san but I will be even more late if I stay with you." Tsuna apologized and runs to her class. Arriving in class Tsuna felt that there were strange vibes in the class, apologizing for being late, Tsuna sitting at her place ignoring the eyes of the class especially of an asshole visibly irritated. 

The teacher tells us that there is a new student Tsuna smiles. Hayato presented himself in front of the class, all the girls are in ecstasy chatting with each other when the boys grumbled displeased with the newcomer. The teacher tells him to settle down in the back of the classroom, he looked for a second Tsuna and then left in the direction of Nobuyoshi to kicking his table. 

Later Hayato gave him an appointment in a hidden corner to fight, while Tsuna goes on the roof with a bottle of water, Tsuna arriving on the roof is immediately greeted by Kyoya's tonfas. Tsuna waved her hand and smiled at him. 

"Do you want to see something interesting?" He tidied up his tonfas and answered curiously a "Hn". They looked down where Hayato and Nobuyoshi argued, Hayato started the hostility by sending his dynamites to the great displeasure of Kyoya who growled. Tsuna looked and sees her twin dodge the dynamites one by one, Hayato used his technique of the 'Double Bomb' when she noticed Reborn ready to shoot. * Bang * Tsuna chuckled. 

"I WILL KILL THIS ASSHOLE WITH MY DYING WILL" Cried Nobuyoshi dodging the dynamites sent by Hayato, Tsuna pointed out Nobuyoshi and comments. "People show their true face when facing death." Kyoya, who had little interest in the fight, was staring at Tsuna intensely, looking for something familiar but not knowing what is it and this starting to upset him. After hearing Tsuna's comment, he immediately began to watch the fight with a watchful eye. The two teenagers on the roof watched as Hayato tried to use 'Triple Bomb' but one of the dynamites escapes of his hands, Nobuyoshi flees with a victorious face saying 'loser'. 

"It's the end!" Hayato thinks, closing his eyes but after a few seconds as nothing happened he opened his eyes, he sees his dynamite on the ground wet. He searches everywhere to find the one who can have saved him, then looks up and sees a shadow on the roof. He leaves immediately for the one who saved him, Reborn who watched the fight is disappointed and angry at Nobu to let someone die and especially his future guardian without an ounce of hesitation. 

He wanted to intervene but someone anticipates by throwing water on the dynamite. He goes after the pursuit of the Jane Doe, at the same time on the roof Tsuna began to laugh while Kyoya glare at her. 

"You knew (you knew it would happen)." He said, Tsuna looks at him and then says. "By knowing the true nature of the person, it's easy to guess, and now you can bite to death this naughty young man in underpants." She says as she started to cough, he looks at her few second hesitating to leave her and then turned toward Nobuyoshi with a sadistic smile. "Omnivore (We'll talk omnivore)." He whispered before jumping from the roof. 

(Two or three floors and he jumps like it was nothing, it's Hibari Kyoya for you Ha!) 

Tsuna laughs at seeing Kyoya chasing Nobuyoshi and then goes into the corner waiting. The door opens violently revealing a wild Reborn and a wild Hayato looking in all directions then notice Tsuna in the corner. 

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