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White Lie {UNDER REVISION} by American_Idiot-_-
White Lie {UNDER REVISION}by Canada
His friends died. His Family died. He should've been there. He should've been the one protecting them! But, they hid him away. He knew he was weak and that he needed som...
Hate me.. Hate you... by Hanarala
Hate me.. Hate Hanarala
Tsunayoshi and Hiroshi. They are twin but they didn't share the same personality. the twin was really close when they were young.. until something happen to one of the t...
The Skies That Suffered [KHR Fanfic] by luciuskofi
The Skies That Suffered [KHR arashi
Tsuna, Sawada Tsunayoshi was a shy boy who live with his mother, Sawada Nana. His twin, Sawada Nayoshi was a skillful boy (and also a brat.) Nayoshi was very overprotect...
KHR: The Sky's Mystery by Blaze_girl
KHR: The Sky's Mysteryby Rinyu (Blaze_Writer)
"To think that all the mysteries bottled up in me would hurt you so much...I'm sorry." Twins. Sawada Hiroshi and Sawada Tsunayoshi are twins. They are the comp...
Open Sky Yet Not [KHR Fanfic] by LilyLia12
Open Sky Yet Not [KHR Fanfic]by Lily Lia
"Remembering is never a quiet act of introspection or retrospection. It is the painful re-membering, a putting together of the dismembered past to make sense of the...
cpjjgj's We'll Be a Dream // Lost Along the Way {Draco x OC} by ocfairygodmother
cpjjgj's We'll Be a Dream // ~*~ Kassandra Jean ~*~
Leila Potter, twin of Harry, is heading back for her sixth year at Hogwarts. This year, everything changes when she falls into the arms of Hogwarts resident Death Eater...
The Allen Twins (Glee and Flash FF) by AlyceSeafire
The Allen Twins (Glee and Flash FF)by Alyce
Sebastian and Barry Allen are the twin sons of Henry and Nora Allen. After the incident, they were separated. Barry going the the Wests while Sebastian went to his godfa...
The Potter Twins: Heroes of Two Different Worlds by Egopocalypse
The Potter Twins: Heroes of Two Egopocalypse
This is a story I also have on Quotev under the same name and username, and I was going to post it on here at some point so I decided on a whim to do it now instead of l...
She Will Be Loved by nixodactyl
She Will Be Lovedby nixodactyl
Genevieve Swan finds that life gets complicated when your estranged twin sister comes to live with you and your dad... especially when she immediately gets involved with...
Genius of Geniuses by Yasune_Hideaki008
Genius of Geniusesby Alexis
Sawada Hikaru and Sawada Tsunayoshi are twins, Even though they are twins, they are opposites Hikaru is one of the school idol, he is athletic, smart, handsome and perfe...
Can't Help Falling In Love With You - Ziam by zeeyumRule
Can't Help Falling In Love With zeeyumRule
--Zayn and Liam are best friends --Everybody is tired of their platonic relationship --captain Louis comes up with a plan!! --Rodger Malik is in the fic so its exactly...
KHR: Fire Within by Blaze_girl
KHR: Fire Withinby Rinyu (Blaze_Writer)
Moving on. That was the hard part. After all he has done, for the world and for his friends, he suddenly just had to disappear. Free from death, then passes. "He di...
Acceptance by KenOya18E
Acceptanceby @SaruNa@
A lone child named Tsuna Killed himself for he does not know what to do anymore. With his family who does not welcome him made him to do so. What will happen next? F...
Sawada Tsunayoshi 'Tsuna' is forgotten by his father Iemitsu's because his younger twin brother Sawada Takeo 'Ta-kun' looks so much like him and Tsuna stood just in his...
Fate tied(On Hold) by YukiOwO
Fate tied(On Hold)by YukiOwO
(Eventual R27 ,hints so far) life isn't easy, death sometimes isn't the easiest route either, that's just how things is as an Mafia boss. After dying , tsuna finds hi...
Arcobaleno in Japan by fallenangel176
Arcobaleno in Japanby fallenangel176
tsumayoshi "Tsuna" is being raised by the Arcobaleno since he was young since his father and grandfather work for the mafia. when then the Arcobaleno come to...
Flame Sibling's (HIATUS) V1 by CC_TheSimp
Flame Sibling's (HIATUS) V1by 🏳️‍🌈
Potter twins are born, one forgotten while the other is viewed as a hero, but instead of the fame getting in his head Godric Sirius Potter cares for his sister, his twin...
Joker [[Rewritten]] by GamerOtakuSama
Joker [[Rewritten]]by GamerOtakuSama
Joker. A new assassin that suddenly appeared 10 years ago. Along with Heart, Diamond, Club and Spade, is part of the second most feared mafia group. First being Vongola...
[KHR] Diary Entry #27 by Kuubixient
[KHR] Diary Entry #27by 《 Alto 》
Diary Entry #27 Dear Diary, Today, I got whipped by my father again. In fact, I rather not speak of such fatherly word to him ever again. Of course, the same for my mot...
Emotionless Sky by Kylerien
Emotionless Skyby DarkFantasy Novels
"Dame-Tsuna." "Creepy-Tsuna." "A freak." Are Tsuna's nickname, it's all because he never once shows any emotions. All he does is stared at...