Chapter 18

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POV 3rd person

After Tsuna had left the room, the skylarks threatened everyone to leave because they crowded but they all think what she said early. A week after the fight Giotto and Nobuyoshi were running around Namimori, climbed cliffs and shot by Reborn for their training, they met Dino Cavallone when they return to home. 

Our sadist spartan tor-tutor wanted them to meet their elder as well as Tsunahime to evaluate them. During Dino stay in the Sawada residence, Nobuyoshi had a little presence in the house (probably gone mops with his minions to prepare a dirty move) but it did not prevent him to be evaluated. 

Dino decreed that he did not have the aura of a good boss but that he has a chaotic, unhealthy and violent aura, unlike his brother, to whom Dino was shocked yo see the perfect replica of Primo. From their first meeting, he had a good impression on the future Decimo decreeing that he had an aura that perfectly described a perfect Sky and that he had good qualities of a boss. 

When it was the turn to meet Tsuna, Dino didn't have his subordinates with him and trip over her nearly kissing her. It really displeased greatly Giotto and Reborn. Tsuna threatened him with a composed face if he tripped again on her, she will make sure he will stay in the hospital for a long time facing some others things in his dreams, he later did not tribute in the presence of Tsuna (because he went to not face the diabolic angel again) who had surprised Reborn. But when she introduced herself as Boss of the Armonia Famiglia Dino was surprised to find a young adolescent but after having examined her he deduced that she was a true sky illuminating and revealing the way to follow as well as a light that protect her family from the darkness. 

Tsuna congratulated him by saying that he honours his reputation and finds her role in her family and in the world. Tsuna, Dino and Giotto talked about their position as boss/president, paperwork and their caretakers/family/friends. They talked for a long time until Reborn, delighted that they got along, offered to play a game, Giotto and Dino refused to participate in the game, unlike Tsuna who found it intriguing. Reborn forced the boys to participate by threatening them with his pistol, at the moment Giotto asked where Leon was. 

Reborn says that the goal of the game it's to find Leon in Namimori with 'open place' as a clue. Dino complained that the clue was too vague but went looking for Leon when Reborn pointed the gun at him, Giotto sweatdrop at seeing that while Tsuna smiled. Reborn also stated that the winner will get a prize which motivated or not the boys.

In their search in Namimori, they crossed the road to Hayato, Kyoko, Hana and Lampo. They asked minus Tsuna who was smiling if they had seen a chameleon/Leon in the area. They answered that no, Hayato wanted to help them to help his Hime-sama but the game is that only them who must find Leon. 

Continuing the search Dino proposed to call Enzo his snapping turtle to find Leon because Leon has given birth to Enzo and his whip. Giotto with his intuition feels that it will not happen as expected while Tsuna seems pleased with the future chaos. At the end with the intervention of Alaude (who see Dino as a rival and because he fell what he strong), a huge Enzo starts to terrorize the people of Namimori because during the fight he falls in the fountain. 

With the help of Tsuna who managed to calm Enzo Namimori received minor damage even though it irritates Alaude, he won against Dino. Dino declared he will not continue to look for Leon even if he wants because of the bruises he has gained. Tsuna and Giotto alone together continue to search the cute chameleon here and there, feeling that Tsuna silent hides something. He asks if she knows something where is Léon.

"It's your intuition that tells this?" She asks calmly, he nods and stares at the mysterious Tsuna with a feeling of déja-vu. 

"She makes me think of..." He thought but was cut by her. She smiled. 

"I'm glad you rely more on your Intuition. You know it never fails, and for that, I know chameleons only rest with an environment they know or have confidence and think it safe." Giotto thought what she said. 

"Open-place, an environment they know and have confidence and feel safe....!!!" 

"The roof!! The roof of the Namimori College! Leon is here!!" He shouts they both run to the roof when they arrived Leon jump on Giotto's face.

Amused Tsuna takes Leon in his hands and caresses him affectionately.
"Leon said we were slow, sorry we had Dino and Enzo who was just having fun together." She laughed while Leon affectionately licks her face. Suddenly Reborn appears in a panda costume. 

"Ciaossu it looks like Dame-Dino is always good for nothing. Here's your reward." He said giving two tickets for the zoo. Giotto takes the tickets in his hands with a happy face. 

"So it's a date..." He bluntly says thinking aloud.

Reborn POV

When I see Dame-Ie and Tsunahime arrive on the roof I am happy to see them together because it shows that my plan is a success. I smirked when I hear Dame-Ie thinking it that was a date aloud but Kyoya, who was napping, awoke at the same time he said 'the date', he released an intense bloodlust toward Dame-Ie. 

"Herbivores for waking me Kamikorosu!" He says by striking only Dame-Ie. It is obvious that he is in love for Tsunahime. 

Seeing Dame-Ie barely dodge Kyoya's strikes gives me one more reason to double his training but something has been ticking me for a few minutes. I watched Tsuna curious that she did not say anything, I noticed she's trembling, maybe she have a seizure again.

"Tsuna?" I call, waiting for an answer when I hear a murmur from her. 

"How could you be so cruel?" 

"I'm cruel?!" I think, looking at her face but when I saw her excited face I have the urge to run away but it was too late. 

"So cute!!" She shouts hugging me like a teddy bear, Giotto and Kyoka turned their attention to us and I can see them smirking on their amused face. 

"Don't worry I will have my revenge but first..." I thought to look at Tsuna who squeeze me. 

"Tsuna will you come with Dame-Ie to the zoo?" I ask forgetting to say to put me down. 

"Of course! I will, I can't wait!" She says happy with flowers and sparkles around her. 

I smile at this. She put me down and goes home shouting I was cute with the costume and say goodbye to us. Disappointed she left I wanted she stays a little more, these past days every time I am around her I feel like home. 

The aura of harmony she releases had affected me and everyone around her forcing to harmonizing with her surrounding like the previous sky arcobaleno and.... even I want her to be with Dame-Ie I do not want too. I do not understand this feeling it's like love but not, just seeing boys around her piss me off. When I go out of my thought, I observe a happy Dame-Ie and a pissed skylark. I smirk please of the future chaos.

Somewhere in Italy:

"Where are we going now-byon?" Asked a blond teen with a large horizontal scar a little excited. 

"Nufufu It's time to go to Japan." Says an indigo teen with a melon hairstyle with a smirk. 

"Japan? Why?" Asked another teen with core bar on his face. 

"Kufufu obviously to take over the body of the Vongola Decimo." Chuckled a teen with heterochromia eyes, one blue and one red with kanjis in.  


Chapter done!! A little short but worth it!

By the way, I start to think about animal boxes for the tenth generation and I lack inspiration for some of them. Here what I choose:

Ieyasu/Giotto: White Lion

G: Jaguar

Asari: dunno

Lampo: Bison

Knuckle: Grizzly (doubt- I want something else of kangaroo) 

Alaude: White Wolf

Daemon: dunno

If you have an idea please suggest it, it would help me!!

Thank for reading,


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