Chapter 2

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4 years later

POV 3rd person

"Tadaima!!" shout two boys and a girl returning from school. "Okaeri Ie-kun, Yoshi-kun!!" Say their mother with a happy smile ignoring her daughter Tsunayoshi. Sad because her mother ignores her again, she goes upstairs read a book that her older brother Ieyasu gave her in her room, while the two boys talk about how was their day. The eldest leaves to go his homework with his sister while the youngest remains with his mother to get her attention, contrary to that you may believe Nobuyoshi have ordinary grade compared to his brother and sister. 

"Ne Okaasan Dame-Tsuna has again better notes than me." Whined Nobuyoshi with fake tears upset not being praised by his teacher. 

"Daijobu, I'll take care of her after eating." Nana said softly with a threatening and hateful tone. Nobuyoshi goes to do his homework with a smirk in his face.

(1 hour later)

"Tsunayoshi, Ie-kun give me a hand for the meal and to put the table!" shout Nana from the kitchen. "Haii!!" answers Tsuna and Giotto, 

It's always Tsunayoshi who help in the kitchen because Nana doesn't want her dear Ie-kun to be hurt and Ieyasu who puts the table. Some minutes later when the meal is served and Nobuyoshi comes to eat with a smirk. At the end of meal, Nana suggests (or orders) to Tsunayoshi to do the dishes and says.

"Ne Ie-kun be a good boy and help your brother to do his homework?" 

 "Um!!" smiling has his mother "Yoshi I will help you go to our room!!" Nobuyoshi grumbles but not protest. When the two boys are in their room, a heavy silence settled in the kitchen when Tsunayoshi finished the dishes her mother violently grabs her. 

"Tsunayoshi-kun~ you still had got good marks to what I heard, what I've said about this?" Said Nana with a smile full of animosity. 

"To have b-bad notes at school and all-always let Yoshi-kun have friends and protect him." Stutter the girl with fear and tears in her eyes. 

"Then why you do not do it!" Retort back the mother beating Tsunayoshi in the stomach 

"What a disobedient girl you are!! From now you will listen to all we say, you understand?" Ordered Nana with a glance full of hatred. Tsunayoshi shakes her head leaving no choice to accept crying in pain. Smiling satisfied the mother goes into the living room watching TV while her daughter was struggling to climb stairs.

Tsuna POV

"Okaeri Ie-kun, Yoshi-kun !!" Say okaasan ignoring me again, so I go up in my room to read the books that Gio-nii gave me. A few minutes later Gio-nii enters my room and proposed to me to do our homework together, I accept happy spending time with my brother. We finish our homework quickly, we talk about everything and nothing and we play together until okaasan calls us. 

"Tsunayoshi, Ie-kun give me a hand for the meal and put the table!" We answer her and go down to help her, is always me who helps okaasan to make the meals. She gives me indications for this how to do this with a weary and indifferent tone. When Gio-nii finished putting the table okaasan smile and congratulates him, 

"I have never been praised for that I did ."I thought sadly. 

Gio-nii noticing my sadness, he smiled at me and praised me during the meal because it was good. At the end of the meal, oka-san suggests to Gio-nii to help Yoshi-nii to do his homework and me to do the dishes, I watch Yoshi-nii who growl displeased. Yoshi-nii does not like Gio-nii who has good grades but never shows it in public, in front of our parents or in front of him. But now that worries me is that I have the feeling that something bad is going to happen. After I finished the dishes okaasan calls me brutally. 

"Tsunayoshi-kun you still had good marked to what I heard, what did I say about this? " Said okaasan with a smile full of animosity. 

"To have b-bad grades at school and al-always let Yoshi-kun have friends and-and protect him." I stuttered in fear with tears in my eyes. 

"So why do you not do it?" She says hitting me in the stomach 

"What a disobedient girl you are!! From now on you will listen to all that we said, you understand?" Says okaasan with a hateful look and whipping again sometimes with her spatula. I shake my head to say yes, crying in pain. Smiling satisfied okaasan goes to the living room watching TV while I struggle to climb the stairs. Staggering towards the bathroom I heal my wounds without getting my clothes dirty which consists of jeans and an orange hooded sweatshirt for boys even my underwear is for boys.

"Why all my clothes are for a boy, they were all at Gio-nii when he was my age and why treat me like a boy? Why should I enroll in school as a boy? "I thought if I bring good grades I would be praised by okaasan but instead I get slammed because Yoshi-nii was not complimented for his notes. 

I put an old pajama of Gio-nii or there's a lion on a sky background. When I enter my room and daze few seconds and then stumble. 

"Tomorrow my classmates will find another reason to bully me and Yoshi-nii will lead them." I thought sighing. 

I lie in my bed and I start to cry putting my head in my pillow to stifle the sounds of my crying. 

"Why okaasan, Otousan and Yoshi-nii hates me? I always do what they tell me, make breakfast and now must make the Dame! When will I be loved? Only Gio-nii and Enma-kun love me for what I am! Oka-san does not call me 'Tsu-chan' and forces me to dress as a boy and Yoshi-nii calls me "Dame-Tsuna" and hits me in secret. Why I'm not loved, why Kami-sama?" 

And I fell asleep dreaming and hoping that one day I will be loved.

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