Chapter 28

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3rd POV

Returning at home tired, she skips the dinner to sleep in her big and comfy bed thinking about the Rings Battle.

The next she finally meets again with Fuuta De La Stella, yes again. She meets him and his mother before she became an arcobaleno and refound the Armonia Famiglia. It seems that the Stella was part of the Armonia, Hime has proposed to stay with them but Fuuta's mother didn't want to impose themselves and let them go. She regrets it today, last year his mum died and she tried to find him.

At least he is good at hiding like his mother.

She was glad she had prevented his kidnapping by alerting the Hibari's brothers and Reborn about her vision. Now she will have to take him to her house. Sawada house is toxic for him. Brat Nobuyoshi and sweet talking Nana would do anything for his information and his book.

Days and weeks pass and nothing happens or at least nothing dangerous happens minus that Nobuyoshi tried to gang up on Tsuna with his minions in a class. Tsuna knew for a long what he planned so she contacted Kyoya and explained what Nobu tried to do. He was so pissed that weak herbivores tried to touch his usagi in his school. He beat (only the minions, Nobu would never do that, he is too great for that) them to death after Tsuna lead them to an empty classroom.

She has a small talk with her twin brother, making him so furious that he tried to intimidate her with violence. She had laughed to his stupidity. They both know she was clearly stronger than him (even she was sick) but being pampered and spoiled to obtain everything he wants doesn't make to learn him to shut up his mouth when he needs to or abandoned. He really didn't support the fact she 'can predict all his movements and that he is too weak to do something'.

She chuckled after seeing him leave so angry and hearing his puny threats. Bonus, Kyoya was sulking that he didn't beat him to death, she hugs comfort him that next time he can do it.

(He instantly forgot Nobuyoshi when he was hugging by his usagi, he knows his priorities and Tsuna is in his top.)

Later, Tsuna returned to Italy to spend Christmas with her family, which is rare. She video-call Giotto and the others showing practically all the kids of the orphan (minus the ones who are part of the Light's Shadow and the adults). Their jaws have dropped seeing more than a hundred children, Tsuna had chuckled at their reactions then laughed when she had declared with pride it's the half of the resident children that they saw. She returned to Japan for the New Year and spent it with Reborn, her brother, Kyoya and the others and makes a surprise for them.

She was the priestess who did the dance ceremony and prayers. The public was in awe not understand that this time all impurity from where body and soul were washed. Reborn and Isabella have taken photos and video of her. After the ceremony, Tsuna has come to see her brother and friends with her maiden shrine outfit. Hayato praised her she was beautiful on it and that her dance was elegant and comment that his body has become light.

Tsuna has explained to them why shrine maiden dance to the New Year and to keep attention to their first dream of the year, warning them it's important, that has meaning on it.

During her stays with her family, in Japan something happened for the Vongola and the Hibari Brothers, she didn't understand everything apart from the part they have a 'boy talk' and they were bitten and cuff to the death by the two skylarks. Tsuna doesn't want to understand and let it be. She respects their privacy.

But one day she has a problem. She needs to go in urgency see her cousin Haruto and she can't take the kids with her. Spanner can sleep with Shouichi but Lambo and I-pin have nowhere to sleep.

In the end, she didn't have the choice to let the kids and Fuuta for two days in the Sawada, she had asked ( more made favour) Reborn along Giotto if they can keep them. They accepted but without to know why they should. She explains she needs to see her cousin and the place she goes with the rest of the family is not for children. Reborn reminded her she should rest because she was too weak but Tsuna stresses she has to go. Reluctantly they accepted, but she manages to see Fuuta. He had jumped on her and hugged her. They talked for a while the two of them then let Lambo and I-pin to the Sawada. 

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