Chapter 27

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POV 3rd person

Tsuna has passed the week with the feeling something off will happen and she did not like it, she heard the whispers. The yokais, the animals and the ghosts were whispering about her and her entourage. She heard that the little prince is coming, she has taken measures with Kyoya and Alaude about random mafiosos who want to capture a kid and warned the hitman about her visions which he decided to talk about it with her brother personally.

She heard that her past will come at her soon, she was not surprised, it's not like she hid it just no one asked her. But she knows very well you can't run from your past because it will always catch you one day. "At least everyone will know it..." she thought, preparing herself to the pity and sad eyes each time she tells about her past, the true one. Lets trying to hide the fact she is a Sawada the lounger she can't, for her brother and the future.

But the most terrifying whispers she heard was a pawn of the master of darkness, of despair and destruction, put on foot in Japan. Her blood runs cold, literally, ghosts like gossip but the information she takes from them are viable. The drug plus this have made her vacation stressful, can't help to worry about future problems. 

Well, first she has the need to worry about a grumpy grandma first, she had to go at Tokyo to visit her grandma and aunt and cousin with everyone and when it writes 'everyone' it's everyone. To the kid at her and the annoying blond like Vlad would call him to the adults, leaving the mansion empty.

The first hours were hell for all of them, Tsuna's grandmother high priestess of the temple had yelled at them after she made them wait for long minutes under the eyes of her shikigamis. She had yelled how undisciplined, unreasonable and stupid she did the past weeks and how the others (especially the adults) to not keeping really an eye on her grand-daughter.

If Tsuna had didn't train under her wing for the past years she would have cried already but knowing how her grandma cared about her, yelling was the sign she was worry about her.

Tsuna asked where her cousin and aunt where she had the answer they are looking at what she asked two weeks ago, the new drug. But the matriarch has said they were darkness on the saint ground in Japan, Tsuna was not surprised and explained how the drug and the darkness Malum were links. It has not pleased the high priestess and the Harmonia members were on guard about it.

They need to speed up their plan to face it.

The next hour Tsuna had taken a purifying bath helped by the other servants and priestess (A long agony for her how much it hurts her but in the end nullifies the arcobaleno cursed for some time, she was grateful for this.) and rest this her family in the temple.

(She was almost surprised how the kids have behaved during the trip but she understands that kids have a sixth sense about this kind atmosphere.)

The next she didn't return with the other at Namimori, she had planned something else. She created a warp portal with her night flames and land in Italy next to an underground prison.

It was very cold in there like she was in a freezer but the reality is the reality, she was in a freezer. Following her intuition, she walked through the several corridors to finish in a huge room with a big piece of ice. In this glacier, there was a teen badly injury, Tsuna sighed seeing it, she didn't at the moment if she had to be sad or angry.

She heard steps behind her but sensing familiar flames she was not worried to attack.

"VOI! Tsuna, you should have called us. When did you arrive? It's fucking cold here, let quickly unfreeze the stupid boss and let's go out from here!!" Shouted the Vice-captain of the Assassination squad, the Varia.

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