Chapter 21

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  POV 3rd

Shamal, Giotto, G and the two arcobalenos went quickly to the hospital with a feverish Tsuna. Giotto had called Asari who was at school to come to the hospital, feeling the serious tone and worry of his friend Asari absent himself from school and go to the hospital. Verde called Isabella and the others and explained the situation. In a few minutes, everyone was in the hospital. 

"Hime-sama!! How is she?!! She's not going to die??" Asks Hayato panicked shaking Shamal, G snaps to Hayato's head. 

"Calm down!! She's not going to die and release him. He needs to do his job!" G dictated separating his brother from the doctor. 

"So why call me?" Asari asked seriously who no longer smiling with Takeshi on his side who was worried. Shamal explained with Giotto that happened earlier, Isabella with Fran and Vlad are surprised that the drugs are no longer effective. 

"You need my flames with the help of Reborn-san and the little brother of Tsunahime-chan to create her medicines?" Asked Asari. Verde and Shamal nod concentrated next to a machine. 

"Hoy Reborn you say she has potential Rain and Sun guardians don't you? Better to mix every Rain, Sun and Mist flame's user, we will have a better result." Added Verde on Shamal's shoulder. 

"Good idea!! Let's go, boys, we don't have the time to rest!!" Shouted Shamal going with the Sasagawa's siblings, Asari, Takeshi, Fran and Reborn to a room.

In the Dream's land:

Tsuna wakes up slowly looking around her, her space is like a stormy sky, rain with thunder strikes and black clouds in the sky with at her feet a lake reflecting the stormy sky... 

"Ah, I remember I fainted because my body can't longer endure the destruction and the auto-regeneration of my cells.... I have faith in them I know I will wake up." 

She closes her eyes feeling something it's coming, she sees Namimori, a kid with a scarf and a book, Fuuta the Ranking Prince. She sees him running away, men in black chasing him then she sees Nobuyoshi helping the men in black. 

The vision continues, in a street not in Japan but more in Europe, she sees The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. Suddenly people run afraid, gun noises, cries, blood. She notices some people turning like beasts and attacking each other or other people, she can notice Dying Will Flame on some of them.

"This scene it's like in Mexico but in Berlin, it's from the Flight of the God's effects!!" Thought suddenly Tsuna watching the massacre then her vision show something else, five teens in a dilapidated room, she frowned knowing who are they. 

"Some idiots came here to search troubles, why fruits are stupid. They seek revenge, but the darkness will possess them, eliminate the little light they have!" She thought, watching in worry, wanting to protect them from the black liquid and nauseous miasma around them but in vain it's only a dream, a vision. She can see spirits trying to get them to their world then they suddenly look at her, with her blank and calm face Tsuna looks at them knowing it's not the same vision she doesn't see the gang anymore. 

The spirits who melting with rage and revenge fusion in red blood colour and black thing with skulls and skeletal arm surrounding with their miasma they create. It slowly approaches her. Tsuna resists to step back and covering her nose when she smells the miasma but with the same expression, she asks.

"What do you want?" The vengeful spirits or Onryo how they act, they stopped moving only the noise of cracking bone and fallen pieces of flesh and blood are only heard. 

"Child of Sky here us, we, want revenge. Our lives were a nightmare, taking away our future our hopes and dreams. They take our purity even our flesh, our family for their greed and pleasure satisfaction. They think they could run away from their actions, their responsibilities, living a happy life without looking back what they did! We want revenge!! We want them to suffer as we did!! But death is a little punishment, Child of Sky, Priestess of Light whom destroy their greedy dreams, please finish all of them, punish them for their actions!!!" 

Tsuna closed her eyes them opened them glowing orange-gold like they were the sunset.
"It is a wish?" She asks looking straight at it ignoring the miasma around them, only crackling bone's noise and giggles can be heard in the dream. 

She takes that as a yes nodding at herself, she claps her hands whisking away her vision and the vengeful spirits.

"I hope to be pay for that..." She whispered feeling her body lighter. Tsuna looked at the sky, there are no thunder strikes, no rain pouring on her and no storm that whip her with the wind but there still the black cloud. She smiles thinking about her friends and family. She can feel them around her, happy with the feeling to harmonizing with her surrounding she closes her eyes to wake beside her friends and family.  


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