Chapter 7

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Japan -Namimori :

Tsunahime runs towards Namimori College while grumbling or more pouting under her breath. 

"Mu ~~ I'll be late to my first day of school, the car is broken down and I even forget my bento!! Argh! All of this is because of Fran, tonight his training will be doubled, Ha! " Said the teenager while running with a machiavellian and sadistic smile. 

Somewhere a young boy with an apple hat shivered in fear and locked himself in his secret room in case knowing that a cruel angel thinks about him.

 Arriving in front of the college before the gate closes our Tsuna crossed a teenager with almond-shaped metal eyes and a gakuen on his shoulders, she was fascinated by his grey and icy eyes but thought they were oddly familiar. He approached her with his tonfa ready to bite her "Herbivore you're late." He said threatening Tsuna to bite her.

Tsuna smiled at him without fear and excused herself and say lying a little. 

"Gome, Gome I have just been transferred today, I lost myself on the road because I do not know the city." 

The prefect watched her for a long time and then put away his tonfas Hn-ed before leaving, Tsuna smiled at him and thanks him for his leniency and then go to the director office. After meeting the director, she goes to the class he assigned, we can hear the teacher tell to his students that they will have a student transferred.

The teacher tells Tsuna to come in and to introduce herself, Tsuna enters in the class, the hubbub in the class stops and all the students scrutinize the person who comes in. She has golden amber eyes shimmering maturity and kindness, a wavy and fluffy brunette hair, an ivory skin moving with grace basically a real beauty with sparkle around her giving with an air of a princess. Tsuna bowed politely and then introduced herself.

"Hello everyone my name is Armonia Tsunahime, I come from Italy but I have Japanese origin. I hope we get along." Boys and girls start to blush some nosebleed in front of such a presence. They thought she was a princess from foreign land if they ignoring the japanese blood she has, the teacher in the name of Nezu-sensei placed her in front of a young man with short black hair named Yamamoto Takeshi down the window under the angry eyes of another young man in the class.

Tsuna POV :

"Mmmh it looks like Nobuyoshi doesn't love me already maybe because I'm the centre of the attention of everyone now. He even doesn't recognize me, it's a good new. God I can feel the weight of his gaze on my back. He has not changed through the years..."

 I ignore him and focused at the one behind me who have a vibrant Rain flame. 

"I can feel the gaze of the boy behind me, Yamamoto Takeshi. Son of the famous assassin Yamamoto Tsuyoshi the Falling Rain... his mother died more than 8 years ago." 

I sigh and looked at the sky ignore the class and the whispers. 

"The professor praises himself more than he teaches, the others try to follow but with difficulty, pity."

Nezu ( he doesn't deserve to be sensei (σ ·ω·) σ I think we all agree to that) noticing that his new student, that me, don't listen to his class so he questions me. 

"Armonia comes to solve this equation." I look at the calculation (4x+6)(3-7x) = 0, "easy" I thought "The answer is either x = -3/2 and x = 3/7." I say direct composed, I look at the professor who opens and then closes his mouth and finally reveals that is the right answer. I keep daydreaming, ignoring the whispers that I am a genius, a real princess, and so on.

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