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Salvation in my Violin (KHR fanfic) by COvER3
Salvation in my Violin (KHR fanfic)by COvER3
Having brain cancer and a forgotten ambition, Sawada Tsunayoshi's last wish is to support his older brother with the time he has left. Just a shadow, but it seems life h...
  • comfort
  • 1rstgen
  • angst
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True Decimo {Katekyo Hitman Reborn} by PrincessAkiraYuni
True Decimo {Katekyo Hitman Reborn}by Princess Yuni Francia
Sawada Nana give birth to a both Baby Boys,the oldest was Sawada Tsunayoshi and the Youngest was Sawada Tsukuyoshi. But instead of loving both of them,they only love the...
  • chrome
  • elements
  • hacker
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The Class Trip to Italy by konnections
The Class Trip to Italyby konnections
When Tsuna is being mentally, and physically abused. Mentallyand Emotionallly, by his siblings Giotto and Natsu, and their guardians, and his classmates. Physically and...
  • 1gen
  • arcobaleno
  • katekyohitmanreborn
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Book 1: Rising of the Phoenix Sky by Nephlim-Diafire5
Book 1: Rising of the Phoenix Skyby Nephlim-Diafire5
On October 14, the Sawada family saw a happy event, the birth of twins. The first-born son is loud and energetic loved by his parents and the quiet girl is ignored and h...
  • reborn
  • vongola
  • khr
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Love Of Another by konnections
Love Of Anotherby konnections
Tsuna doesnt have the best relationship with his family. Mainly, his brothers Giotto and Natsu. They would beat him up sometimes along with their snotty guardians. The o...
  • tsunaxenma
  • 1stgeneration
  • giotto
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Please Don't 1 | Oneshot by Meopize
Please Don't 1 | Oneshotby мєσ
Please don't. Please don't make me feel this way. **Don't own KHR or cover image**
  • 10gen
  • miss
  • rfem27
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Convincing a Yakuza Member: Katekyo Hitman Reborn by Delusional27
Convincing a Yakuza Member: Kateky...by LordGrim
Reborn didn't know how this was his life. He had eight adopted children living in his house, he still had to deal with Stupid Iemitsu, and then had to train said Stupid...
  • tenthgen
  • chrome
  • 10gen
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A New Life by akitsuri
A New Lifeby akitsuri
Caio~ this is my first time posting a story so I hope you will enjoy it. I dont mind correction but if you have nasty comments keep it to your self!!! Don't like it, don...
  • all27
  • katekyohitmanreborn
  • 1gen
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Vongola Family Mafia Land Vacation  by TheFunnystDJ
Vongola Family Mafia Land Vacation by TheFunnystDJ
Tsuna and his family take a group trip to Mafia land to celebrate him officially becoming Vongola Decimo. It was planned by Reborn with the help of Vongola and its allie...
  • tsuna
  • ryohei
  • lambo
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Again by Lavalilly
Againby Lavalilly
They were dead, dead to and unknown enemy. But that alright because they took them out with them. Yes they're being reborn into a different life If you want this story t...
  • ect
  • 10gen
  • tsuna
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Reset by marchingtardis
Resetby marchingtardis
Everyone chose to forget, and thats what happened. No one remembers but some start to discover the truth. Follow Jamie and Alex on their quest as 10th generations to fin...
  • reset
  • fiction
  • dystopiansociety
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You Never Knew Me by OmegaWhite
You Never Knew Meby
Sawada Ieyasu, Sawada Ieyoshi and Sawada Tsunayoshi are the triplets of the Sawada household. But the youngest out of the 3, Tsunayoshi was ignored and neglected. when...
  • 10gen
  • khr
  • notdecimotsuna
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