Chapter 9

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POV 3rd person

At 6:30 am shots are heard, Nobuyoshi woke up in Vongola's style unlike his big brother who was ready and leave to eat his breakfast, Nobuyoshi got angry at Reborn for the way he had woke up him. He was hit by Reborn's mallet but he still protested again him. He stopped when he felt Reborn's killer intent, he got ready and goes into the kitchen. When he arrived he sees Giotto leave then look at the time he growled and began to eat, around 7:15 Nobuyoshi puts his shoes when his mother comes to talk to him. 

"Yoshi-kun can you give this bento to your brother, he forgot to take it before leaving" Asked his mother politely, he nodded under Reborn's gaze.

Nobuyoshi POV

"Fuck! Because of this stupid baby, I almost died this morning and mom wants 'give this bento to Ieyasu' my ass!!! I'll throw it in a bin as soon as I get the chance."

I continued walking to school without knowing that Reborn was following me until I saw Armonia Tsunahime. She was really popular lately and she was given the title of 'Untouchable Princess' because of her elegance, intelligence and sociability, everyone wants to become her friend but failed because of the difficult to approach her moreover it looks like she came from a different world but I think she is just shy especially with the boys.

(Nope boyo, it's just she doesn't love you at all and besides, she's your sister! dumbass!!) 

"If I could go out with her, my popularity will increase."

Suddenly Reborn comes out of nowhere with a smirk on his face. 

"Do you want to go out with her?" He said smirking looking amused on the wall. 

"Stupid baby!!! What he doing here?!" 

"How can I go out with the Untouchable Princess! She won't--" I began to explain when he hit me with his lizard mallet. (his name is Leon and it's a chameleon! Ignorant, Ha!) 

"I'm not stupid.." he arms his gun to me. "He read in my thoughts!!

"..and you will confess with your Dying Will!"

POV 3rd person

Reborn shots a Dying Will Bullet on Nobuyoshi and a faint orange flame appears on his forehead, his clothes tore apart leaving only his blue underpants with chicks. 


On other side, Reborn is disappointed at his student's mentality but that feeling disappears quickly to amusement when he sees Tsuna doing a Tollyo Tchagui at Nobuyoshi (it's Taekwondo (^ w ^)) and then went to school, grumbling. 

Reborn hits Nobuyoshi to wake him and retracts (like a Ninja!!) when he feels a violent killer intent. 

"To Disturb the Peace of Namimori Kamikorosu!!" Kyoya declared attacking Nobuyoshi with his famous tonfas, with rage in his eyes and pleased to bite him to death. In the shadow Reborn observed the interaction between Baka-Nobu and the prefect, he found that the prefect is really hostile towards Nobuyoshi as is written in his file but the question is why?

In school, the rumour that Nobuyoshi confessing in underwear to Tsuna already spread throughout the establishment, his brother having understood that it was because of Reborn, lent him a uniform but this one did not give the bento that their mother asks to give but threw it away. 

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