Chapter 25

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  POV 3rd

Hours later, after the class ended, Giotto and his friends and their siblings plus the girls (Kyoko, Hana and Haru) go to Tsuna's house invited by herself. When they follow her and her family members outside of Namimori, they started to think they are not ready to see what will happen. They all climbed and walked through the forest for almost ten minutes to find a large mansion with contemporary and classic architecture. It was impossible to hide this mansion of everybody from Namimori. Everyone should have seen from the town, so how they have not seemed the mansion? 

In front of the electronic gate, they all found beautiful gifts like kimonos, boxes with beautiful ornaments, jewels, pearls and other things that look valuable. Tsuna and Vlad looked very annoyed seeing loads of gifts in front of the gate, Isabella and Eduard sighed like they were used. 

"Gifts don't poop like from anywhere!!" Thought everyone.

Tsuna looked from to right to left then seeing that a bush moved she moved toward it, Giotto and the others stare at her startled. 

"I know it!! Some people don't know the meaning of no or what?" Shouted Vlad irritated opening one of the boxes. 

"What the meaning of ... all of this?" Asked Alaude choosing the right words to explain all of this. 

"They are bestowal gifts." Answered Isabella sighing desperately taking a beautiful kimono (like Eli Ayase) and a kitsune mask.

Everyone looked at her shocked. "What!!!"

"What the meaning of this!? I will bite to the death to the one who lest this!!" Declared Kyoya furious at the same time that Kyoko and Haru ask who want to marry Tsuna and etc.

"It would be good if you can but alas its impossible." Growled Vlad half amused and half irritated at the skylark reaction.

"Because he is not a human."

They look at him speechless, suddenly Tsuna comes back with a little fox in her arms.
"I found the culprit!!" She says cheerfully. "Everyone let's enter into the mansion, Vlad, Eduard please take the boxes and put them at the entrance. Isabella, please prepare tea and espresso."

Isabella, Vlad and Eduard bow and go at their tasks, Tsuna followed by Fran, Lambo and I-pin invite the others. Kyoya was the first to enter doesn't care about the other, he was too concentrated to think who the bastard wants to marry his usagi. The ones who notice his behaviour is only his brother and the hitman, Giotto when with him he thought about the feeling, no his heart no longer compressed or burdened by something. He feels more light, he was less in panic and paranoia, he can sense all his friends around him. He feels more alive, more him, not someone who should not exist. When he looks at Tsuna, he could see a bright orange and golden aura around her, it was so beautiful that he didn't the words to describe it. He can only think about it another time, now he will spend his time with his friends.

Reborn POV

We enter her mansion(seriously how anyone had not found there was a big mansion in the mountain) the first thing was hitting him it was the full warm and powerful sky flame, proving who is the owner of the mansion. A hint of jealousy born in me, who wouldn't like basking in a mansion filled with sky flame, particularly with such high purity. Even in Dame-Ie house there not this intensity but Tsuna had explained to them that Dame-Ie restrains himself involuntarily because of his grief and the influence of his family have on him. 

Thank his friends and guardians and Tsuna. 

He starts to come out of his shell and take his situation and training more seriously. And it's the same for his guardians, they are more conscious of the emotions of their sky, it's the proof they are starting to harmonize. If Tsuna was not here to show all of this, it would be really difficult to reach this stage. 

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