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Book 1: Rising of the Phoenix Sky by Nephlim-Diafire5
Book 1: Rising of the Phoenix Skyby Nephlim-Diafire5
On October 14, the Sawada family saw a happy event, the birth of twins. The first-born son is loud and energetic loved by his parents and the quiet girl is ignored and h...
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A New Life by akitsuri
A New Lifeby akitsuri
Caio~ this is my first time posting a story so I hope you will enjoy it. I dont mind correction but if you have nasty comments keep it to your self!!! Don't like it, don...
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The Class Trip to Italy by konnections
The Class Trip to Italyby konnections
When Tsuna is being mentally, and physically abused. Mentallyand Emotionallly, by his siblings Giotto and Natsu, and their guardians, and his classmates. Physically and...
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KHR My Family I Grew To Love by Moew-chan
KHR My Family I Grew To Loveby Meow-chan24
My biological family had thrown be away as they see me as a worthless piece of thrash compared to my brother they praised. They had abused me to pieces so I never felt l...
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Future into past? Or is it past into future? by sarcasticARMY
Future into past? Or is it past in...by IDGAF
Sawada Tsunayoshi died. Then he woke up again only find that he's in 7 year old body ... Is that Vongola primo looking at him from the mirror? 'HIEEE don't tell me...!'...
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You Never Knew Me by OmegaWhite
You Never Knew Meby
Sawada Ieyasu, Sawada Ieyoshi and Sawada Tsunayoshi are the triplets of the Sawada household. But the youngest out of the 3, Tsunayoshi was ignored and neglected. when...
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