(Y/N) is having a child?!?

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Stein's POV

It has been at least eight weeks since I last saw (Y/N) and the last time I saw her she was acting strange. I haven't seen her since then and I'm worried. So, I was walking to the death room to speak with either her or her husband, Lord Death. I walked into the death room to see that (Y/N) had gotten larger. No not larger she's pregnant?!? "What the hell?!? (Y/N), you're having a child?!?" I asked loudly. She grabbed my face and I felt her soul wavelength hit me. "Calm down! There is no need for all the yelling." (Y/N) said looking at me on the ground. I asked "Who's the father?" "Isn't it obvious." Lord Death said as he walked over to her side. "Why?" I mumbled under my breath. With (Y/N) being a chosen child and all she could her even the lowest noises. "Why what?" (Y/N) answered rolling her eyes. I replied "Why'd you chose him over me?" She seemed taken aback by my question and answered "I love him. Are you jealous of my husband?" She lifted up my chin, I was still sitting on the ground, so I was looking at her. "Well?" She asked amusement in her voice. "Yes I'm jealous of him. Okay?" I answered as she looked at me and said "Poor Professor Stein." I got off the ground and left the death room.

Kid's POV

I haven't seen my parents since I told them I want a sibling. So, I'm going see them today. I walked into the death room and said "Hello. Father, Mother." (Y/N) turned around and when I saw her stomach my eyes widened. "Your pregnant?!?" I exclaimed excitedly. My parents just nodded and my father said "Is there something you needed, son?" I shook my head and said "I just wanted to come and see if I was going to have a sibling." They nodded and I left with a huge smile on my face.

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