Asura returns

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Author's POV

Its been a week since lord death, your fiancé, proposed to you. You were so stressed about getting everything ready. "(Y/N), you should take a break from the planning. We should go eat somewhere nice for lunch." Lord death said while rubbing your shoulders trying to get you to relax a little more. You sighed but agreed. You two began to walk to a restaurant when you realized that you didn't know where he was taking you. "Where are we going for lunch?" You asked the tall shinigami. He put a finger over his mask where his lips would be if he didn't have his mask on and said "It's a secret. You'll see when we get there." You sighed but followed him. Lagging behind a bit. He sighed and picked you up. Now carrying you in his arms you mumbled. "I can walk." You said with a pout. He shrugged "And I can carry you." He said mockingly. You stuck your tongue out at him causing him to giggle a little. You sighed and just relaxed not minding that he was holding you. You actually quite enjoyed it.

Time skip to after lunch

When you and 'your shinigami' as you called him got back to the death room after having lunch at his manor, you made him cook, you were expecting for it to be quite just as any other day but it wasn't even close to that.

Lord Death's POV

I heard the door to the death room slam open then I heard (Y/N) scream. I looked towards her to see a familiar face holding (Y/N) close to him. He was holding her so tightly in bandages that she couldn't move. She'd squirm a little bit. "Hello, Death. You have a nice little toy here mind if I play with her." The man said. "Asura, let her go she didn't do anything to you." I told the Kishin holding my fiancée. "Why would I do that? Besides it doesn't matter if she didn't do anything to me. She's with you. Also, she is quite pretty." Asura said while stroking her cheek. "Go to hell, demon." (Y/N) told Asura venom dripping from her voice. He looked angrily at her then pulled her face close to his asking her "What's so special about him? I'm so much younger than him. Besides, he has a son already that's your age." "I love him and his son is fine with me and him he told me he's always wanted a mother. Also, I'm part witch so I've lived a long time too ya know without looking how old I really am." She said trying to get away. He threw her hard and she hit a wall. "(Y/N)!!" I screamed. She sat up and told me she was fine. I nodded as she turned into a katana. Asura just stood there looking amused. "I see your his little fiancée, Hm? I can use that to my advantage." He murmured to himself. I attacked him he just blocked. When I went to attack him again I was expecting him to block but he dodged it instead making me lose balance. (Y/N) turned back into a human using her powers to block his attack, he used his weapon and created an explosion only then did I realize it was as a distraction. "(Y/N) is such a pretty young girl." Asura said wrapping a arm around her waist. "Now, if you'll excuse me I'll be taking my leave." He said making (Y/N) teleport them out of death city by saying "If you don't I'll kill your little boyfriend over there." As they teleported i thought to myself 'Don't worry (Y/N) I'll get you back. No matter what it takes.'

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