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Anime One Shots by ashalexwrites
Anime One Shotsby A. A. Hinata
[Requests Closed!] So, my friend convinced me to do this since I write them anyway. Enjoy! I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS (Also the cover art isn't mine, If you know...
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Let's Kill Tonight ~ A Draco Malfoy Love Story by Bambey
Let's Kill Tonight ~ A Draco Bambey
Draco Malfoy/OC story with romance, adventure and action. Rebecca Rosewood's life is dramatically changed when she becomes a Death Eater. With blood on her hands, she is...
  • narcissa
  • battle
  • eaters
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Love Never Dies. (Draco Malfoy Fan Fiction) (Watty Awards 2013 Winner) by rosebuds_
Love Never Dies. (Draco Malfoy rach
Watty Awards 2013 Winner - On the Rise - Books - Fanfiction Rachel Farrell, pure blood witch, family of Gryffindors. First year is not the best for Rachel. She struggles...
  • fan
  • love
  • hogwarts
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Limerence | Death The Kid x Reader (Was 'Secrets and Lies') by Phantomhive_Butler
Limerence | Death The Kid x Natsu Dragneel's Mate
Was "Secrets and Lies" ---Currently being rewritten, chapter by chapter--- When _____ _____ seeks training from the DWMA in order to control her power and star...
  • souleater
  • kid
  • lorddeath
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The Petals Scatter ~Soul Eater Fanfic~ by -music_always_-
The Petals Scatter ~Soul Eater In This Moment
Sakura Nakatsukasa (KiKi) is a mesiterless weapon. She has yet to find one. She is Tsubaki's twin sister. She is enrolled in DWMA and is waiting for the right soul to m...
  • soul
  • stein
  • anime
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When You're Strange. {Harry Potter} by insertwittynamehere
When You're Strange. {Harry Potter}by insertwittynamehere
Sixth-year Slytherin, Alice Rhowen, is, along with her boyfriend Draco Malfoy, the most powerful Slytherin student. She's the outcast of a family full of Gryffindors. Wh...
  • eater
  • triangle
  • malfoy
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《LEGENDARY SOULS》[Soul Eater X Male Reader] by King_Kado131
《LEGENDARY SOULS》[Soul Eater X Renkai Axel Kado
The world's strongest Weapon wondering the world killing Kishins, Witchs, and more without a Mister. What will happen when he falls down the rabbit hole and encounters t...
  • xmalereader
  • eater
  • ryuki
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Crona x Reader [Witch's Son] by BonebagRoyalty
Crona x Reader [Witch's Son]by Ζεύς
Thank you to everyone who's read this fic, You are all the I have finished editing this and will no longer spend time working on it. I apologize now if your no...
  • fantasy
  • soul
  • xreader
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This is my book from Quotev.
  • blackstar
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Death the kid x reader the reaper from hell by PotatoSwagBI
Death the kid x reader the French fries unite
After be gone from the DWMA for so long after your mister gets into trouble Lord Death calls you to come back to find out surprising information plus that your getting a...
  • symmetry
  • eater
  • kid
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Special Weapon (Asura X Reader Female) #Wattys2016 by Sakamaki_FanFics
Special Weapon (Asura X Reader 【M -P】
Yn was a NOT student at the DWMA. Her soul contained a unique and rare kind of weapon. A weapon that could turn into any form of axe based of the miesters soul Wavelengh...
  • weapon
  • meister
  • tsugumi
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My Asymmetrical Prick ➵ Death the Kid x Reader by XxKiddycatxX
My Asymmetrical Prick ➵ Death ˗ˏˋ C h r i s t y ˎˊ˗
❝ there's a storm inside my head and it's killing all the flowers ❞ ✿ XxKiddycatxX ©2016 All Rights Reserved //Mature warning for th...
  • reaper
  • wattpride
  • kidxreader
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The only good witch [Souleater  X Witch! Reader] by Heir_of_Heart_
The only good witch [Souleater Dai M.
Being the daughter of a witch is not very safe in this world were people hunt down them for fun and empowerment. But being the only good one I don't know what really is...
  • maka
  • eater
  • liz
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Soul Eater - Eight Minutes in Heaven(Male Students!) by mangoberrytart
Soul Eater - Eight Minutes in mangoberrytart
Read how you ended up going to this sleepover! OR Pick an item(Or emoticon...) to start riiight away!
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  • kid
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Harry Potter One-shots (DISCONTINUED) by Sammie9878
Harry Potter One-shots ( Samantha Hope
I'm no longer writing One-shots but feel free to browse my small collection of stories. I know they are lame but please be polite and not read them if you dislike them.
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Amajiki x Reader: Blossoming Romance by quoteoftheday
Amajiki x Reader: Blossoming Heming-waste
Amajiki has a tell when he's in love... one he has trouble hiding. (A full-length love story with you and Tamaki.)
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  • hanahaki
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Soul Mates {Collections of SoMa One Shots} by rainbowkuroo
Soul Mates {Collections of SoMa sandra ミ☆
❝ One day you meet someone and for some inexplicable reason, you feel more connected to this stranger than anyone else -- closer to them than your closest family. Perhap...
  • shots
  • makaxsoul
  • soul
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Soul Eater: The Impossible Weapon (Stein x reader) [unedited] by Nomsters
Soul Eater: The Impossible Shasta King
Just a little something I wrote
  • lemon
  • weapon
  • xreader
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My Lord, My Friend... (Harry Potter fan-fic)(Riddle/Snape) by HPottonSauceXP
My Lord, My Friend... (Harry Heather Potton
My name is Rowena. I am the lover of Tom Marvolo Riddle, the Dark Lord Voldermort. I have stood with him since childhood. A new recruit has come to us, Severus Snape soo...
  • eater
  • snape
  • voldemort
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