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Pairing Games by allthehomestuckships
Pairing Gamesby Jill ~^.^~
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Rise Of The Kishins by ReneeLee423
Rise Of The Kishinsby Reneé Lee
This is a Soul Eater fan fiction. The Kishin population is growing rapidly and is getting difficult to handle. Featuring characters you already know like Lord Death, Dea...
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Black Star X Reader by Pintguard
Black Star X Readerby 🔥ROCKER RICK🔥
You are in love with the amazing Black Star!
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One-Shots by Katzaklawdamus
One-Shotsby Sam L
All of the one-shots that I have written and published. Enjoy! All fandoms belong to their respective owners! I own nothing other than my OC's!
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How To Handle A Twin Whip Soul Eater Fanfic by Time_Axellera_Thyme
How To Handle A Twin Whip Soul I'm Not Active Stop Bothering...
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DWMA's New Girl by LightningBoltInSky
DWMA's New Girlby Sky
The Death Weapon Miester Academy located in Death City is the top school to be included in. They are trained to do one main thing: collect the souls of people who have a...
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Gods eater fanfiction by -Raal-
Gods eater fanfictionby -Raal-
Rhiza Scarlet, a new type canidate, begins her life as a newtype, benefiting form the experience of veteren Gods Eaters, and learning that Killing Aragami isn't the only...
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The New Kishin Rises by undercover_ninja
The New Kishin Risesby Beth
Soul Eater Fanfiction Xia, a new Weapon at the DWMA, meets Haruka, Misaki, and Momo. While they go on adventures, a new Kishin rises, one more powerful than Asura. Every...
Soul Eater fiction: Excalibur kills Death the Kid by DaniPurdy
Soul Eater fiction: Excalibur Dani Marie
It's about Excalibur killing Death The Kid
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Living the Weird Life by ChaoticxMess
Living the Weird Lifeby Jenny
What happens when you crossover these anime together? A modern day story full of weird, funny, and just down right random events And no, not all of the characters I used...
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DWMA by Shaunabanana2015
DWMAby Shaunabanana2015
Soul eater based! I don't not own any of the characters said in this story. If you have seen the anime Soul Eater you know what I'm talking about. The only characters I...
Falling For You [BlackstarxFEM!ReaderOneshot] by Human_Overlord
Falling For You [BlackstarxFEM! YourGayMother
Enjoy~ I do not own any soul eater characters or any artwork in this story. I also do not own Reader-Chan.
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The Temptress! (Severus Snape Love Story) by loopylellylollypopxx
The Temptress! (Severus Snape Eleri
Madeline Riddle has never loved anyone. She has no feelings unless she wants to be tortured by her dad Voldemort. She only wants to please her father but what will happe...
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Dream Eater by TimeForCoffee
Dream Eaterby TimeForCoffee
Must be my lucky day since I fell from one complication into another. But this pain in the neck can't be fixed that easy, can't be forgotten nor misplaced. This particul...
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Soul Eater RP by Koyomi_RP
Soul Eater RPby Koyomi_RP
The Adventures of Two Tomboy Otakus and Anime! by OtakuTomboyForever
The Adventures of Two Tomboy Li and Chihiro
A strange day at a Cosplay Cafe named Anime Cake when two employees black out then........that's when all happened.....
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A Spider's Thread (A Soul Eater FanFiction) by BunniBrown
A Spider's Thread (A Soul Eater Bunni Brown
Kyo, a meister, and her weapon Roxas, a Bolster sword (look it up, kinda looks like Soul Edge) are students at eh DWMA, the Death Weapon-Meister Academy. The creator of...
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FighT WitH ThE DeatH GoD (Death the Kid x Male!Flame [OC]) by FlameWithFangs
FighT WitH ThE DeatH GoD (Death Flame
"Heh, your luck has run low, eh, old owner?" The male smirked at the other shinigami. "Looks like your precious cat has turned on you, eh, almighty death...
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