Our family

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Lord Death's POV

My wife had just given birth to a little girl. "What shall we call her?" I asked (Y/N). She smiled and said "Let's name her Yuki." (Y/N) said stroking the sleeping baby's cheek. I nodded as (Y/N) walked over to me with little Yuki in her arms "You should hold her too you know. You are still her father." I nodded and took Yuki in my arms. I had jeans and a t-shirt on so I looked normalish. "She's so small." I said laughing a little. (Y/N) nodded and Kid walked in. When he saw this baby sister his eyes lit up. "She's so cute and symmetrical." Kid said holding his arms out towards her. I gave him his little sister. "What's her name" he asked. "Yuki." (Y/N) and I said at the same time. (Y/N) sighed and leaned on me. Spirit walked into the infirmary with a camera. "Let's take a picture of you together. The new family." Spirit said holding the camera up. Kid gave Yuki to (Y/N) and he got in front of my wife and I. "Smile." Spirit said. We smiled and I heard a camera click. Spirit was now holding up a picture of all of us. He gave it to (Y/N) and she looked at it and said "This is our family." I nodded and I looked towards Kid. He was holding Yuki who was sleeping. (Y/N) looked towards Kid and took Yuki. "I'm going to put her in her crib." She said. I nodded and she was off. I still had the picture of us. "This is our family. (F/N) (M/N) Death." I said. "Indeed it is." Kid said looking at the picture.

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