I've made my up my mind

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Lord death's POV

It has been a week since Kid told (Y/N) and I about him wanting a sibling but my wife has done everything in her power to avoid that topic. Today she wasn't going to get out of that conversation though. I heard the death room door open and I turned around to see Spirit following (Y/N). Finally, she got very annoyed, her eyes gleamed purple and said in an angry tone "Spirit! What's your deal? Stop following me around like a lost puppy." Spirit just looked at her sadly and said softly "Alright." "Sometimes. I question if he's an adult at all. He acts like such a child." She sighed when Spirit left the death room. I nodded and started "(Y/N), I think we should talk about that." She sighed but nodded and said "Me too." I was surprised and said "Really?" "Yes really." She said smartly. I sighed and stared at her hungrily. "What? Stop looking at me like I'm a piece of meat." (Y/N) said obviously annoyed. I looked at the ground and said "I'm sorry. I didn-" I was cut off by her lips meeting mine. Her tongue graze across my bottom lip. I smirked and denied her request. She pulled away and said "It's not nice to deny a lady." She said teasingly. She gave me a note and left the death room. I opened the note and it said ' Dear shinigami, I was hoping you'd meet me at your house. So, that it's just us two. I made sure Kid, Liz, and Pattie are going to be out of the manor. I'll see you then, my shinigami. Love (Y/N) Death.' I smirked and started to walk towards my manor. I got to the front door and opened it to reveal (Y/N) sitting on couch, half naked. When she saw me she smirked and said "I've made up my mind."

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