Want and Jealousy

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Maka's POV

'What's so special about her? She's no different than I am.' I thought to myself while walking to Stein's class. "Maka, wait for me." Kid said walking towards me. "Yeah. What is it Kid?" I asked turning towards him. "Are you jealous of (Y/N)?" He asked. This surprised me but I said "Honestly, yes I am." He looked at me with sadness in his eyes and asked "Why?" I responded "Because every guy in the school likes her. Even Stein and Lord Death fell for her. She choose Lord death but that doesn't change the fact that she's smarter, prettier, and braver than me." I said starting to tear up a little. "Maka, I am none of those things and if you think so thank you. I may be older than you but I'll always look up to you Maka." (Y/N) said putting a hand on my shoulder. "Thank you, (Y/N). You're so nice. But I doesn't change the fact that I want a boyfriend and can't have one because all the guys in the school are crushing on you. That's what makes me jealous." I said. She simply responded with "Everyone has wants and jealousy. I'm no different. I just go after what I want before it's taken away from me." I smiled and she said "Oh, and if the guy you want to be your boyfriend has a crush on me just tell him 'Hey, she's married get over her.' If that doesn't work come get me I'll take care of them for you." I nodded and got to class 'What she doesn't understand is that the man she's married to is who I want.' I thought to myself while entering the class.

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