The perfect wedding and the perfect girl

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Hey guys I actually did write these chapters in the morning and I couldn't publish them because I didn't have internet. My hotel didn't anyway. So, I'm sorry these chapters came out later than I planed them to. (y/s) means your style.

Author's POV

Lord death's POV

Today is my wedding day with my beloved (Y/N) and I'm nervous. She's been with 'the girls' (Maka, Tsubaki, Liz, and Pattie) all day and now it was finally time for me to see her. I was in my dressing room getting changed when I heard a know on the door. "Lord death. Are you alright?" Stein said coming into my dressing room with Spirit, Soul, and Black*star. I nodded and said in my comical voice "Yeah I'm just really nervous." They looked at me surprised and replied "That's normal. You look great and your are a very lucky man. So, try to calm down a little." I nodded and looked down at my attire, a tux and my mask that she would lift instead of me lifting her veil. I sighed and I took my position and waited for my soon to be wife. I soon heard the organ start to play and I saw my fiancée with a beautiful white (y/s) dress. When she got to me I took her hands in mine and said "You look beautiful."

Time skip to you may now kiss the bride

I was nervous as she lifted up my mask a little to kiss me. When she did I heard more than one camera click. When we stopped kissing I picked (Y/N) up bridal style and took her out to the limo outside waiting for us. We got in the limo and my beloved asked me "Death would you like me to change you back to your normal robes?" I nodded and she snapped her fingers. I looked down to see my normal robes. "There is also one more thing I want." I said taking off my mask and lifting her chin up. "Oh? And what would that be?" She asked. I put my lips next to her ear and whispered "I want you." With that I pulled her onto my lap and we kissed. When she pulled away she said "I never thought I'd have the perfect wedding." I just replied with "I never thought I'd have the perfect girl."

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