Taking back what's mine

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Kid's POV

My father was so stressed trying to find his fiancée that he didn't see how reckless he was getting. "Father, calm down we'll find her. Everyone cares about (Y/N)." I told my father trying to calm him down. "What if when we find her she's consumed by the madness?" He asked concern in his voice. "I know (Y/N) she wouldn't give in to the madness so easily." I told him trying to reassure him. He seemed to relax a little by this and he nodded. "Father, you really do love her don't you?" I asked him and he looked at me and nodded. "With your permission, father, I'd like to go trying find (Y/N)." I told my father. "Thank you Kiddo I can use all the help I can get." He said nodding. I nodded and left to go look for (Y/N).

Time skip to where Asura was keeping you

Asura's POV

"Why do you have to be such a bother, (Y/N)? Just give in to the madness inside of you and all your fears will disappear." I was still trying to convince her to just give up and she kept denying me. Anytime she'd deny me I'd beat her. She was bruised and beaten but never gave in not even a little. "We need fear to survive, it helps make us stronger. If we give in to madness the world's people will become reckless and uncontrollable. I'm not going to become like you." (Y/N) said weakly. I hit her with my soul wavelength causing her to spit up some blood, again. "Why do you chose to keep fighting me?!? It's only hurting yourself. Can't you see that?" I asked her as she sat up sitting up against a wall. "I'm fighting you because I know my fiancé is sending more than one person out to try and find me. When they get here I'll be free and you'll be dead." She said for the hundredth time since I took her but this time I didn't hit her like I did all the other times. This time I knelt down beside her and said "Can't you see? It's been eight weeks and no one has came. He gave up on you." I lied to her trying to convince her. "You'll have to kill me to make her believe that." Spoke a voice from behind me.

Kid's POV

"You'll have to kill me to make her believe that." I spoke towards the Kishin. "Kid!" (Y/N) shouted weakly. "My father may not be able to be here but I'm here." I told her reassuringly. Then, (Y/N) waved her hand and I felt a new soul wavelength. 'Wait, I know that wavelength. That soul belongs to- but how is he here.' I thought then yelled "Father! How are you here?" He pointed towards (Y/N). "She made it possible for him to roam freely?!? But, how?!?" Asura yelled looking towards (Y/N). "(Y/N), transform." My father commanded his fiancée. "She's too weak to even stand on her own. How do you expect her to-" Asura was interrupted by (Y/N) transforming. His eyes were wide with fear and he was trembling. "Let's go! Soul resonance!!" My father and his (f/c) and black scythe shouted in union. Before my father killed Asura he said "Oh, and by the way I'm taking back what's mine"

Time skip to walking back to the death room

Lord death's POV

I was walking back with my fiancée unconscious in my arms, after we destroyed Asura (Y/N) went unconscious, with my son next to me. "Father, is she going to be okay?" Kid asked worried about her. I nodded and we walked to the infirmary to make sure she heals correctly. I headed back to the death room and Kid went to the manor but before he was out of the school he said "Taking back what's mine, Hm? That's new."

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