A masked relationship

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Reader's POV

After the party I stayed because I wanted to see my boyfriend without his mask on. So, I approached him while he was walking back to the death room. "Hey. Remember what you promised me?" I asked lord death as he turned towards me. Since we were the only ones in the school he picked me up hugging and spinning me around. When he stopped spinning he put me down and lifted my chin saying "Yes I remember but first close your eyes." I sighed but closed my eyes. After a while of nothing happening I felt soft lips come in contact with my own. I melted into the kiss wrapping my arms around his neck. I soon felt his arms snake around my waist closing the gap in between us. After awhile of us just kissing I felt something warm and wet graze across my bottom lip causing me to gasp. My shinigami smirked and glided his tongue along my bottom lip again asking for entrance. I gladly gave him what he asked for and he explored every inch of my mouth earning a moan from me. After awhile of us just making out he pulled away and the only way you know we were even kissing is the pinkish tint to our lips and the thin trail of spit leading from my mouth to his. I opened my eyes to see a twenty year old looking Death the Kid with blood red eyes. "I didn't know your son looked so much like you." I said with a smirk. He smiled and nodded pulling his mask back on. "So, I'm guessing that our relationship will be 'a masked relationship'?" I asked with a smile. Lord death's expression turned serious and he said in his real voice "Yes I think that would be best."

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