The witch's soul (part 2)

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3rd person POV

Stein's eyes were wide with shock as you easily blocked the witch's attack. 

"(Y/N) you're a-" 

"Witch, yes but I'm half weapon." You interrupted your teacher eyes still glowing purple. You turned your attention to the witch again. 

"Now if you don't mind. Go away." You said waving your hand towards the witch causing her to fly into a wall. You walk up to your meister and hold your hand out. 

"Now, are you going to lay on the ground all day or are you going to turn me into a death scythe?" You ask smirking. Stein took your hand and you two killed the witch and you became a death scythe. You turned to your teacher who was still stunned. 

"Let's go report back to lord death." You said with a smile. You turned around to walk away but your teacher grabbed your wrist and asked you 

"What type of witch are you?" 

"I'm a shadow witch. However, since I'm half weapon I still have a human soul." You explained to you teacher. He smirked and suggested we use your powers to teleport to death city. You sighed and nodded. You summoned a portal just at the edge of death city.

Time skip provided by the now dead witch

You and Stein had explained all of what happened to lord death he understood and looked at you with joy filled eyes. 

"(Y/N), I now declare you a death scythe. As promised I shall make you my new personal weapon." Lord death said with a hand on your shoulder. Spirit was in the room too and he was depressed going on about how he'll never see his Maka again and what not. You sighed and went over to him kneeling down. 

"You know I don't mind having a copartner." You told him with a smile. He looked up at you and gave you a hug telling you thanks. Jealousy bubbled up within lord death. So, he pushed spirit away from you. Stein looked confused until he saw lord death helping you up. He smiled

'oh now I see.' Stein thought as spirit was dancing happily in the back.

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