I want a sibling?

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Kid's POV

I was walking towards the death room to speak with my mother and father. When I walked into the death room I saw (Y/N) sitting in front of my father. His mask was on the ground in front of him and he and my mother were staring at each other. "What in the hell are you two doing?" I questioned. "Staring contest." (Y/N) answered still staring at my father. I sighed but waited. Obviously (Y/N) got tired of their silly game because she clapped her hands in front of my father's face making him blink. "Hey! No fair!" He said in his comical voice putting his mask back on. (Y/N) just stood up, smirked, and said "Well, life's not fair." I couldn't help but laugh at my mother's joke. "So, Kid did you want something?" My father asked standing up. "Yes. Actually I wanted to tell/ ask you something." I replied. "And that would be?" (Y/N) said raising an eyebrow. "I want a sibling. Like a brother or sister." I said causing my father to just stare at me silently and (Y/N) blushed saying "W-What?" "I want a sibling." I said slower than the first time. My father took off his mask and smirked saying "I think think that's a great idea." (Y/N) hit him in the chest, hard, saying "What he means to say is we'll think about it." My father was holding the spot where my mother hit him and all he could do was nod. I nodded back and said "Alright. I'll be back for my answer in eight days." My parents nodded and I walked out of the death room.

Lord Death's POV

"A sibling? I didn't think he was lonely." (Y/N) said staring off into space. "You know we could....if you want to that is." I said hoping she'd say okay or that's fine with me. "I don't know I'll have to think about it." She said walking out of the death room. I read her thoughts. 'A sibling. I'll have to think about this.' She thought leaving the school building. 'Do you really? Want a sibling Kiddo? And if so why?' I thought turning towards my mirror looking at myself.

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