Honeymoon from hell

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Lord death's POV


(Y/N) kissed my cheek and put down a plate with eggs, bacon, and grits on it. The sun was shinning through a window and my son was in front of me. However, something was odd. I turned towards (Y/N) to see her going to sit next to me. When she got close to me she fell to the floor holding her head. Then I looked around me to see things burning and red, blood. I looked down to see (Y/N) dying. I started to cry. The world around me turned black and a voice said "The only thing that will happen to (Y/N) is destruction because of you. No good can come out of your relationship." I shook my head and said "No I'll protect her with my life." The voice just laughed and said "We shall see."

Dream end

I woke up sweating. I saw (Y/N) getting dressed and she looked back at me with confusion. "Are you okay?" She asked walking up to our bed and sitting next to me. (You two were staying in a hotel wherever you want your honeymoon to be) I nodded and she stood up and went in front of the mirror in the room and put her hair into a (h/s) with a (f/c) ribbon. When she turned back to me I realized I wasn't dressed when she blushed realizing it herself. I jumped up and put on some regular clothes, jeans and a t-shirt. When she turned towards me smiled and said "You look good in normal clothes. Perhaps you could wear them more often." I shook my head and said "Only you can see me in regular clothes, my dear." She motioned for me to follow her I did and we began our honeymoon.

Time skip to the sun set

We were headed back to the hotel (Y/N) was a little ways in front of me. She had taken her hair down earlier today and she kept it down. "(Y/N) wait for me." I said running after her she stopped and turned towards me and asked "You know that you're my shinigami, right?" I nodded and held my hand out towards her. She took my hand and we walked to our hotel we were about to go into the building when I felt a witch's soul wavelength. (Y/N) felt it too because she transformed into a katana. "Hello, Death. How are you?" The witch spoke. I recognized that voice it was Arachne. "We were fine until you came along." (Y/N) responded coldly. "I just came for you I don't want to fight anyone." Arachne responded. "I don't want to go with you and you can't make me." (Y/N) responded. "Very well. Have it your way." The witch and I fought a long battle until I let my guard down and got hit. (Y/N) transformed back and killed her mother. She teleported us back to the academy. Then, all I saw was blackness.

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