My shinigami waking up

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Your POV

It's been two weeks since Lord death was injured and I was getting more worried each day. Today was like all the other days, I was by his side holding his hand looking at the ground when I felt him hold my hand as well. I looked up from the ground and saw his eyes open slowly. "(Y/N)." Was all he said. You had tears in your eyes because you were so happy. "I'm here. I'm here, my beautiful shinigami. I'm here." You said sitting up a little more. He sat up a little more and smiled at you. "Are you okay?" I asked him and he nodded. Then, I punched him softly in the chest. "You had me worried sick. Don't you ever make me that worried ever again." I said play punching him over and over until he grabbed my wrists gently and brought my face close to his and said "Yes ma'am." After he kissed me and what interrupted our long kiss was a voice that said "Am I interrupting something?"

Kid's POV

"Am I interrupting something?" I asked as my father pulled away from (Y/N) causing her to make a sad face. "No Kid you weren't." 'My father answered as Pattie and Liz walked in and told (Y/N) and my father hello. "Lord death how are you?" Liz asked as Pattie went sit next to (Y/N). "You look better, sir." Black*Star said walking into the infirmary with Tsubaki. "I'm good. Thanks for noticing Black*Star. How are you kids?" My father asked with his comical voice as usual. (Y/N) seemed to have remembered something because she got up rather quickly and got something out of a drawer in the infirmary. "I almost forgot. Here. You have to wear your mask don't you?" (Y/N) said handing my father his mask. He nodded and put it on. (Y/N) looked at him and said "You look more normalish but there's something missing. Hmm. What is it? Ah, now I know." She snapped her fingers and my father was in his normal black robes and white gloves. (Y/N) smiled, clapped her hands together, and said "Now you look like The Lord death I know." My father stood up and said "Now, that I think about it I really don't know how long I've been healing. How long have I been healing?" "You've been in the infirmary for about two weeks now." Stein said walking in with Spirit, Soul, and Maka. "Hello Lord death. How are you feeling?" Maka asked smiling. My father said "Hello Maka. I'm fine. How are you guys?" "We're good." Everyone responded. "That's good but I have to get back to work now." My father said leaving for the death room with (Y/N). I looked towards Maka because I felt glares being shot at my step mother from her. 'Wait, is Maka jealous of (Y/N). And if she is what is she jealous of her about.' I thought as I walked out of the infirmary going towards the manor.

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