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Heal My Stitches {Stein x Reader} by ThoughtlessMind7
Heal My Stitches {Stein x Reader}by Thoughtless Mind
(Y/n) is a Death Scythe called back to teach at the DWMA by Death himself. (Y/n) isn't just any Death Scythe, she has many forms. What will happen when Stein gets consum...
Connected || Soul x Maka by jack_they
Connected || Soul x Makaby MJ
As Soul and Maka are closer to turning Soul into a death Scythe they develop a new technique and are able to read each others mind, they begin to develop feelings for ea...
Lord death x reader by BandGeek2263
Lord death x readerby Megan Stevens
I mostly made this bc I've always wanted to read a lord death x reader so when I couldn't find one I just decided to make one myself.
Madness (Soul x Maka Fanfiction) (Completed) by eggggggg_g
Madness (Soul x Maka Fanfiction) ( elli
It's been a while since the fight with the Kishin was finished. The team has rested and had a week to take a break to recover. However, the fight isn't over yet. The mad...
Unexpected Turns by LynneSabina
Unexpected Turnsby LynneSabina
Soul receives a phone call informing him that his older brother and wife died in a car accident, leaving their five year old daughter, one of which Soul never even knew...
The Changes by KoleScimitar
The Changesby Kole Mortenson
You are a student at the DWMA, but will your dark past interfere with your life now? In reality you are the son of the Kishin Asura.
Soul Eater Preferences  by Shalnarkynark
Soul Eater Preferences by Name change
Thanks for the support on my Soul Eater Boys X Reader! Because of that I decided to make a Preference and imagine book! Will include (request if you want anyone else) So...
Drive Me Mad (SoMa-Soul Eater) by OathSign101
Drive Me Mad (SoMa-Soul Eater)by OathSign101
Artwork isn't mine, I found it pinterest, if you know the original artists, tell me who so I can tag them! Just because Asura has been defeated, doesn't mean madness wil...
Soul x Kid ~ Bittersweet by sleepyjayyyyy
Soul x Kid ~ Bittersweetby Frfr
One day when Soul couldn't deal with everything anymore Kid finds him saving him. After that moment they became closer and as feelings get revealed, secrets come to the...
Daughter Stein - Soul Eater Evans LS (No. 10) by DeadGirlEternal
Daughter Stein - Soul Eater DeadGirlEternal
The famous Professor Franken Stein has a daughter, she is a Death Scythe with an attitude, she meets the gang and becomes her dad's TA and helps Maka and Soul on mission...
Stein's Daughter (Soul Eater fanfic by musicgeek4eva
Stein's Daughter (Soul Eater fanficby ash ty
Hikari is a run-away 17 year old with nothing but the clothes on her, some food every now and then, and a scar on her face. She's run away from her horrible mother and i...
No Clue [SoulxMaka] by madlyemma
No Clue [SoulxMaka]by emma
She's his meister. He's her weapon. That's all they'll ever be....right? ---------------------------------------------- Soul Eater Evans was prepared to die for his...
The Red Room (Soul Eater Fan fic) by dreamingafantasy
The Red Room (Soul Eater Fan fic)by Grace
[COMPLETED] Soul is in a Coma. And it's up to Maka to save him. But what lies in Soul's Heart???
Stein's Daughter ||Soul Eater|| by Rocklee_Toshiro1993
Stein's Daughter ||Soul Eater||by Lee-san/Shiro-chan
After Spirit was no longer Stein's weapon, Stein went off on his own. Getting into fights and dissecting anything he can. Lucky for him after getting beaten up pretty ba...
Last one standing (Soul eater boys X reader) by Steph_is_insane
Last one standing (Soul eater 💚Steph💚
cover by: rivila_cher After all the begging, her father finally let her go out on the mission with them. But... It won't turn out as they planned. Who will (Y/n) choose...
Soul Eater One-shots by CrystalWater26
Soul Eater One-shotsby CrystalWater26
soul × reader × kid by Japanushi
soul × reader × kidby WTF
For all you Soul Eater fans!!! You are Black*Star's half sister!!! Soul Eater fanfiction I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS
Forbidden Love (Lord Death x Reader sequel) by BandGeek2263
Forbidden Love (Lord Death x Megan Stevens
Sequel to my Lord Death x Reader. Read the first one before this one or you'll be hopelessly lost. ~Chosen children are divine beings with the power of everything. They...
Soul Eater x Reader Inserts by xEtherealMochix
Soul Eater x Reader Insertsby xEtherealMochix
Soul Eater x Reader, drabbles, fake texts/media, head canons, imagines, and preferences. May contain spoilers, read at your own risk.