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Soul x Reader x Kid by herbaciousb
Soul x Reader x Kidby none of your business
When Death the Kid finds you and your Meister fighting a Kishin on the streets of death city, his interest is perked. And so is yours. The next day, you attend the acade...
Love Bites ~Death The Kid Love Story~ by Call-Me-Ryuzaki
Love Bites ~Death The Kid Love Ryuzaki
Death The Kid x Vampire!Reader
𝐃𝐔𝐌𝐁 | Soul Eater by SweetssOFlife
𝐃𝐔𝐌𝐁 | Soul Eaterby !!
"𝗜 𝗱𝗼𝗻'𝘁 𝗴𝗲𝘁 𝗽𝗮𝗶𝗱 𝗲𝗻𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀." Hearing a knock on his front door, [Y/n] didn't expect THE death to show up on his front doorstep...
This isn't Death City? (HunterxHunter X Soul Eater Crossover) by drunkdubs
This isn't Death City? ( 🧑‍🦲
Crona and Ragnarok ends up in an unfamiliar city. The moon being plain and bright instead of having it's usual creepy smile that would laugh upon the world. They don't...
The Robin's Weapon by NaluXGaleforever
The Robin's Weaponby Kiki
Branda Lily Ditka, a meta human who can transform into any weapons she wanted. she hadn't been in her human form in years. She had ended up in the hands of no other then...
Completely Symmetrical (Death The Kid X Death The Girl) by Crystallia_Moon
Completely Symmetrical (Death •|Crystallia|•
A new meister and two weapons enroll in the DWMA. She's pretty chill and all but once shes introduced to the class, everyone is in shock... She looks exactly like Kid! T...
Neglected Male OC x RWBY x Soul Eater x Bleach(sorry for the bad title) by JacobHolder2
Neglected Male OC x RWBY x Soul Jacob Holder
Join Jacob Mjolnir, formerly Jacob Rose, as he becomes a huntsman and a Death Meister, through the DWMA.
(Male!)Crona X Reader! (DISCONTINUED) by marble_lizards
(Male!)Crona X Reader! ( Pain.
My writing was (and still is) really füçking cringe. I'm probably not going to delete this yet, despite how rough this was. Crona was originally male in this as to make...
Cages and chaines by uniqueoutsider
Cages and chainesby uniqueoutsider
After a fight between the green eyed and crimson eyed partners. Thats when it happened. One was gone, and the other was left full of regret. Maka had been kidnapped, but...
~I Know I'm A Wolf~           ~Soul Eater~ by LilithIronwood
~I Know I'm A Wolf~ LilithIronwood
Lord Death just stood there as the large bird-like kishin lunged towards him, moments before impact a black blur slashed through Deaths attacker. "You should be mor...
•The Daughter of Stein• 『 Soul Eater x Reader』 by ForeverRoxiee
•The Daughter of Stein• 『 Soul Roxiee ღ
A new student at D.W.M.A - you! (Name) (Lastname). Although she didn't know much of her past, one memory that haunted her was the painful death of her loving mother on h...
x Chubby Reader Oneshots by ms-chub-chub
x Chubby Reader Oneshotsby ms-chub-chub
Various oneshots of T.V shows anime, almost anything really. Oh, and of course the reader is chubby. Most of these oneshot pronouns will be she/her, but if you would lik...
The Kishin Hero: Asura (On Hold) by Wicster12
The Kishin Hero: Asura (On Hold)by Wicster12
Izuku Midoriya was a quirkless boy who always dreamed of becoming a hero however he has a hidden power that even he doesn't know of, but that all changed when he finds a...
Maka's little sister?  (Death the Kid X Reader ) by lovelytae1301
Maka's little sister? (Death lovelytae1301
Hi, my name is (Y/N) Albarn. I finally get to see my older sister Maka and my two best friends. The most exiting part is that I get to attend the DWMA. Will I be able to...
sorcerers ,, jujutsu kaisen. by poppinpiIIs
sorcerers ,, jujutsu k
―why do i have to deal with this mess? in which > y/n enconters jujutsu sorcerers on the way to figure out the reason for the massacre of her clan. © poppinpiIIs
⭕Sharing Souls⭕ (Soul X Reader) by _W_a_l_l_e_
⭕Sharing Souls⭕ (Soul X Reader)by UwU
You are Death the Kid's cousin,(y/n) Wings. You have just enrolled into the DWMA and don't know how your going to get through this,but then you have Chal, a frozen staff...
The Ultimate Witch Killer by BIG_GOOSEY2
The Ultimate Witch Killerby Goostepher the first
Y/n fushiguro was born to a witch without the power to harness magic and for that he was disowned but instead of magic his physical attributes and five senses were boost...
I'm a Trickster Demigod~ [Magi x Reader] {UNDER EDITING} by idontspekuengulish
I'm a Trickster Demigod~ [Magi x idontspekuengulish
You knew magic existed but dungeons with djinns? You knew you should have listened to Lord Death about not messing around on missions. "Never underestimate our meis...
Seven Sins, Seven Personalities  Stein x Child male reader by AlpacaCute24090
Seven Sins, Seven Personalities AlpacaCute24090
A small boy who faced a life of unbelievable traumas and fears, who barely turns 8, has seven split personas. One for each deadly sin Wrath- revenge or haterd Envy- jeal...
Life in Soul Eater (an X Reader fanfic) by GivenYouTheStars
Life in Soul Eater (an X Reader CasualExistentialCrisis
An X Reader fanfic about the reader's adventure in Soul Eater. This is a Death the Kid X Reader, Soul X Maka and Black Star X Tsubaki fanfic with some Marie X Stein in i...