Chosen child or not i still love you

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Reader's POV

"Maka, why did you start a duel with me?" I asked the young meister. "I love your husband." Maka answered. I sighed and responded by healing her injuries. Maka seemed surprised by this and said "I just told you I love your husband and you have nothing to say." I shook my head and said "You don't love him. You have a crush on him. I think the person you really love is right under your nose you just have to find him."

Knock Knock Knock

"Come in." Maka said. "Maka are you alright?" Soul said walking into the infirmary. "Yes I'm fin-" Maka was interrupted by Soul kissing her. Her eyes were wide, with shock, but she eventually melted into the kiss. When soul pulled away Maka asked "Soul, what was that for?" Soul smirked and said "Can't you tell. Maka Albarn, I love you." I smiled as they kissed again. I heard the infirmary door open and saw Spirit. When he saw Soul and his daughter kissing he was very angry. "What the hell?!? Soul stop touching my daugh-" "Come now Spirit. Lay off. Everyone finds love eventually." Lord Death said walking next to me. 'You're a chosen child but do you love me?' He thought towards me. I walked outside the infirmary and he was not far behind. I kissed 'my shinigami' very, very deeply and when I pulled away I looked at him and said "Chosen child or not. I still love you." He smiled and kissed me again. "I love you, (Y/N)." He said. I replied "I love you too." He was happy and I was happy that my family was happy.

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