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The Dragon Of Destruction, Black Dragon Emperor by RobbieReyesTheReaper
The Dragon Of Destruction, Black D...by Robbie G. Reyes
Izuru was a orphan who was an outcast, he knew his parents died more like murdered but only he knows who killed them but he doesn't know if it was real or not. he didn't...
Someone To Protect {A Sesshomaru x Kagome Love Story} [COMPLETED] by KagomeUzumakiUchiha
Someone To Protect {A Sesshomaru x...by Mrs. Kagome Uchiha
Inuyasha tries to kill Kagome in order for Kikyo's soul to be whole again. But she was rescued by the Lord Demon Dog, Sesshomaru. He has someone to protect. {Started th...
Brothers conflict  by fairylovv
Brothers conflict by Biebo
Hinata Yuri. A small boy, who looks almost like a girl. With his petite body and huge, dreamy eyes he is often mistaken for a girl. And being a ballerina also doesn't r...
Listen To My Melody by Fictionarism
Listen To My Melodyby Fiction@rism
Risa Masato,was the adopted daughter of Miwa-san. She will live together with her 13 sons and 1 daughter in Asahina Residence to get along and know each other and even s...
High School Dxd X Male Reader: Volume 2 The Rise of a King by Strykerxk9
High School Dxd X Male Reader: Vol...by Strykerxk9
He's back everyone! Y/n has just revealed that he is the Heir of a house that was thought to be lost forever. Something strange is happening in Kuoh, will He be able to...
Sister Complex. |Brother's Conflict Story| by ArigatoSensei
Sister Complex. |Brother's Conflic...by ᴀɴɪ
Sister complex means excessive love for one's sister. Often times, it goes past a typical brother-sister, sister-sister relationship. Perhaps a best friend or to the poi...
The Hinata Sisters (Brothers Conflict Fanfic) by Phoenix_SWAG01
The Hinata Sisters (Brothers Confl...by Lee Phoenix
(I don't own brothers conflict, only Lisa) - - - - - So, I noticed that most fanfiction about Brothers Conflict is based on the anime. So I decided, why not also base i...
《LEGENDARY SOULS》[Soul Eater X Male Reader] by King_Kado131
《LEGENDARY SOULS》[Soul Eater X Mal...by Renkai Axel Kado
The world's strongest Weapon wondering the world killing Kishins, Witchs, and more without a Mister. What will happen when he falls down the rabbit hole and encounters t...
Monochromatic World by MissEnigmaticPrince
Monochromatic Worldby P R I N C E
Hinata Shiro Is Ema's Big sister. She used to be a special agent working for the Government or CIA but now she only works for the FBI. She's an introvert but a cheery ty...
Highschool Dxd x male reader lemon [I DONT OWN THIS STORY ANYMORE] by BoiDisIsHot
Highschool Dxd x male reader lemon...by BoiDisIsHot
this is going to be a lemon of you the reader and a bunch of the girls in the show i might copy the show but add my own little twist to it i hope you enjoy
Once Upon Too Many Times ~ Brothers Conflict x OC by _noellee
Once Upon Too Many Times ~ Brother...by noelle (':
Hinata Ema and Hinata Yuuki, two fraternal twins who grew up alone with a father that travelled overseas. It is rare when he comes home, but when he does, it was like a...
Highschool DXD Multiverse Theatre by TimmyShadowKing
Highschool DXD Multiverse Theatreby Tim Gibbons
The characters of Highschool DXD watching the multiple versions of themselves throughout the these enticing and vast amounts of universe's. Reminder: I'm doing for the f...
New Attraction | Brothers Conflict Fanfic  (DISCONTINUED) by Maximaglory
New Attraction | Brothers Conflict...by . . .
A new girl moved in next to the Asahina's home, and having a busy life and dark secrets knew nothing of love. But, what if she stole the brothers' hearts and they soon g...
That Girl is a Kishin!?  [Under Editing/Slow Updates] by number1youtubefan
That Girl is a Kishin!? [Under Ed...by TeddyBearHugs
(Soul Eater Boys x Female Reader) A teenage girl by the name of (Y/n) was forced by a witch to consume the souls of innocent humans when she was a child, thus turning he...
Technical Difficulties (Brother's Conflict) by ExtraSweetTea
Technical Difficulties (Brother's...by R a t
Ema had always felt alone in her home so, when she was young, Rintaro adopted a sister to help keep her company. This girl's name was Mei and from a very young age they...
▪Dear Brother▪ [Brothers conflict x Male Seme! OC] by Tsaka_Marshmallow
▪Dear Brother▪ [Brothers conflict...by J.M.TsaKa
Emma's brother, Haru came to mansion after few months his sister moved in there. His sister didn't tell the Asahina brothers about him because she had a reason to do so...
🌸A Sister Who Acts Like A Brother🌸 by NikkaMuyco
🌸A Sister Who Acts Like A Brother...by Nika Cipher
Riza is a boy-ish girl and Ema's best friend in middle school, she always mistaken as a guy, who would not? Since she acts and wears clothes like a guy Riza is four year...
A New Petal (A Your Lie in April Fanfiction)  by pepperani
A New Petal (A Your Lie in April F...by pepperani
Is she...alive? When Kaori survives her deadly operation, Kousei's heart fills with joy. Even more when Watari and Kaori break up. Still oblivious to her feelings toward...
Raven: The Prodigy Sibling by Zecha13
Raven: The Prodigy Siblingby Zecha
Tachibana Raven is a sad ,lonely and abused 17 year old girl. Raven has almost never experince joy in her life anymore...but she just wants a family...a real one. Will t...
Servamp:Back to the Past. by TheLostSilence
Servamp:Back to the Past.by Silence
'Ah..I see,they're too good for them..' Tsubaki realised as he heard shuffling from the floor below them. The shuffling was chaotic,as if the people below were desperate...