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Death the Kid x Reader by middlejack20
Death the Kid x Readerby Cassandra
You know the usual. Your running from the past. Taking shelter at the DWMA. Befriending people you really shouldn't. Falling in love with someone you didn't expect. I do...
  • tsubakixblackstar
  • deaththekid
  • soma
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Death The Kid X Reader by Ch3rryBlssom
Death The Kid X Readerby 💜
-Hi! This is Nash! My friend told me if I write a fan fiction then she will too!!! I chose to write a DTK x reader fan fic - Stein is the readers dad -I like reading w...
  • souleater
  • dtk
  • xreader
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Love Bites ~Death The Kid Love Story~ by Call-Me-Ryuzaki
Love Bites ~Death The Kid Love Call-Me-Ryuzaki
Death The Kid x Vampire!Reader
  • deaththekid
  • souleater
  • readerinsert
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My Shining Star by _emma_425
My Shining Starby Emma
SOUL EATER FAN FIC BLACK STAR X READER You could feel his eyes lingering on you from behind, sending a shiver down your spine as you slowly turned, your gazes locki...
  • maka
  • star
  • lovestory
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Two Broken Souls| D.T.K by dkingjj
Two Broken Souls| D.T.Kby Weather Boi
Kyou Minoru, a young girl who is recently enrolled in the DWMA Academy, slowly develops a strong relationship with the Principal's son, Death The Kid. {Highest Rankings;...
  • deaththekid
  • dtk
  • anime
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Deathly Symmetrical by KooriAkuma
Deathly Symmetricalby KooriAkuma
Death the Kid has finally met his match, without her even trying to be symmetrical.
  • final
  • action
  • eater
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Fading Away [Death The Kid X Reader] by StarryStarTala
Fading Away [Death The Kid X elle 🍒
I'm smiling, yet inside I'm basically dying.
  • souleater
  • kid
  • deaththekid
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A Soul Misunderstood by Rockcandypanda
A Soul Misunderstoodby Charlie
OC X ASURA Celest Albarn; daughter of Spirit Albarn and younger sister of Maka Albarn. A powerful weapon and genius student with a powerful soul and loving heart. Great...
  • liz
  • deaththekid
  • kishinasura
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The Dove  by Arwyn1218
The Dove by Dove
Seikatsu Melisentia, a reluctant witch, lives in hiding among the graves in a large tomb at Green-Wood Cemetary. the Kishin's madness had woken her one night and she has...
  • souleater
  • deaththekid
  • xoc
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You're Truly Special {Death The Kid x Reader} by annieafterlife
You're Truly Special {Death The Annie Michele
As you've grown up your life has never been easy. You've struggled with the loss of your father and the poor relationship with your mother. After many years of strugglin...
  • souleaterfanfiction
  • fanfiction
  • deaththekidxreader
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 Their cousin?! (Death the kid x reader) by Death_the_kid_is_bae
Their cousin?! (Death the kid x 지민 ♡
Your name is, (Y/n) Thompson. You are the cousin of the two sisters Liz and Patty Thompson. Not too long ago you discovered you could turn into a weapon. Now it's time f...
  • souleater
  • deaththekidxreader
  • deaththekid
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Anime x reader Oneshots by EriBeri16
Anime x reader Oneshotsby EriBeri16
Hey peeps hope u enjoy this book!! BTW I don't watch anime but i really love the fanfic n manga... So I decided to make this book!!!! Anyway read , like, comment and enj...
  • lemons
  • character
  • rinokumura
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The day your life changed (Death the kid+ reader) by sociallyawkwardsav
The day your life changed (Death sociallyawkwardsav
Your a new weapon at DWMA and on your first day you run into Death the kid
  • deaththekid
  • dwma
  • souleater
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Love At First Sight (Death The Kid X Reader Lemon) by ShipItLikeFed-Ex
Love At First Sight (Death The Fed-ExShipping
LEMON that's all
  • deaththekid
  • reader
  • lemon
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Ring Ring (Soul Eater Boys X Reader-chan!) by Flynnlovesyou01
Ring Ring (Soul Eater Boys X Gwyn
(y/n), a beatiful meister who loves sandwhiches, she also loves drawing. Her past is her deepest and darkest secret. She enrolls to Shisuben with her weapon, a.k.a Cousi...
  • souleaterboys
  • souleater
  • deaththekid
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Death the Kid: Growing Up Symmetrical by Funsized-chilicheese
Death the Kid: Growing Up Opportunity's Epitome
A fanfiction about if Death the Kid had a sister his age. Also about Kid and Stein a lot because they are my two favorite characters. This is one of my first fanfictions...
  • souleater
  • deaththekidsister
  • deaththekid
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Soul Eater Oneshots by monochrome_beauty
Soul Eater Oneshotsby monochrome_beauty
Basically a whole bunch of oneshots for the soul eater characters. I do not own any Soul Eater characters or you.
  • dtkxreader
  • soulevans
  • souleater
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When Reality Hits Me (Death the Kid x Reader) by CompleteBabos
When Reality Hits Me (Death the CompleteBabos
~Updates every Wednesday~ Filled with pain and misfortune, (Y/n) shuts herself from reality. Fading into the spirit world. But he changed her. "Why don't you...
  • completebabos
  • fightagainstmyself
  • deaththekid
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DeathTheKidx Reader by septiplier_is_dabomb
DeathTheKidx Readerby Anime is life
Umm.... It's a death the kid x reader? That's all i have to say...
  • souleater
  • animexreader
  • anime
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