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Sorry, I didn't update sooner I was with my family all day so I couldn't write, but I'm back.

Author's POV

You and Death have been together for eight months now. You thought no one knew except you two and you were fine with that. Just the fact that you two were together made you happy. Today was just like the others normal. The last bell rang signaling that school was over. Not long after the bell rang Death the Kid, Liz, and Pattie walked into the death room. "Hello, (Y/N), father." Kid said with his bored tone as usual. "Hiya Kiddo." Your shinigami said in his normal comical voice. "Hey Kid. How are you?" You said with a smile. "(Y/N) I have a question for you and my father." The young shinigami sighed. "Alright shoot." You said looking at him curiously. "When were you planning to tell people about your relationship?" Kid asked looking at you with a smirk. "How did you know about that Kid?" Lord death asked his son with his real voice. "Everyone knows. They see how you two act around each other. Also, father you need to control your jealousy. When someone would flirt with (Y/N) you would do something like: interrupt their conversation, squeeze in between them claiming that you would be more comfortable if you two stayed this distance away from each other. Oh, and Stein told us." Kid said putting his hands in his pockets. "I'm guessing people want a confession." You and Lord death said in union. Kid just nodded. You sighed but agreed. Since you agreed Lord Death agreed to confess your relationship as well.

Time skip to the confession

You and Lord Death were standing side by side outside in the front of the DWMA in front of the whole town. "Hiya everyone. Alright everyone quiet down." Lord death said in the loudest voice he could trying not to frighten anyone. You sighed taking a huge breath then yelling "HEY! SHUT IT!!" The crowd quieted down looking towards you and Lord death. Death sighed and spoke "Many of you probably know this already but I think we should be the ones to tell you." The crowd started to mummer but after a few seconds went silent again. "Lord death and I have been together for two months." You said looking at the crowd. After a few seconds of silence the crowd started clapping. You seemed surprised by this but then you gave lord death a kiss on the cheek earning a blush from him and a cheering crowd. 'I guess a confession isn't as bad as it sounds.' you thought as death picked you up hugging you.

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