The witch's soul (part 1)

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Stein's POV

I looked towards (Y/N) to see her smiling. 

'What exactly happened in the death room?' I thought, not noticing that she had noticed me staring at her. 

"Professor?" She asked, catching my attention. 

"Hm?" I responded, dully. 

"What's wrong you were staring at me?" She said, raising an eyebrow. 

"Oh, it was nothing I was just thinking." I said, looking forward. 

"Okay." She said, shrugging her shoulders. We walked a little while longer until I felt the witch's soul wavelength. She obviously felt it too somehow because she stopped and turned into a scythe. 

"Hello, Stein. How've you been?" The witch asked. 

"Fine but you're about to be dead." I answered venom dripping from my voice. The witch just laughed. 

"(Y/N), you ready?"I asked her face showing on the scythe she just nodded. That's when the fight begun. This witch was a lot stronger than I expected. 

"(Y/N) she's blocking all of my attacks. We need to use soul resonance." I told my weapon. 

"Right!" She answered excited. 

"Let's go! Soul resonance!" We yelled in union. 

"Genie hunter!?!" I exclaimed half confused half focused. 

'How could I use Genie hunter. When I was trying to do witch hunter. Something about this girl is off.' I thought. My thoughts made me lose concentration and I fell the witch was about to kill me then (Y/N) turned back into a human and instead of hearing a girl scream I heard a surprised gasp I looked up to see (Y/N)'s eyes gleaming purple. 

'That girl she's a..

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