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SHE SAID | damon albarn by 1-800-TRUMANBLACK
SHE SAID | damon albarnby mercury.
" She said I don't wanna go out chasing. " " I kinda wanna go out dancing. " - " wanna dance? " " with you? " DAMON ALBARN/ 2017...
  • blur
  • albarn
  • damonalbarn
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Musical Triangle by twilightobbsessed123
Musical Triangleby twilightobbsessed123
It is about soul eater. Soul’s older brother comes to visit him at the academy. He finds maka very attractive and asks her out on a date, and who wouldn’t say yes to the...
  • albarn
  • evans
  • tsu-star
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can you match my wavelength? ( Soul Eater fan fiction) by LaakinGangale
can you match my wavelength? ( Laakin Gangale
The DWMA has students of all kinds that stand out, such as death the kid and his weapons (Liz and patty), maka and her weapon (soul), And blackstar and his weapon (tsuba...
  • blackstar
  • spirit
  • tsubaki
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Soul x Reader x Kid by TheMaroonElephant
Soul x Reader x Kidby Tori France
Entered in The Soul Eater Watts Awards! Forced to enter the DWMA under your parent's instruction, you're entirely convinced this will be the worst thing that's ever happ...
  • soul
  • maka
  • albarn
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WATCH ME / LIAM GALLAGHER by artjficially
"you won't move on from what we have, mollie." "you think so, gallagher? watch me." artjficially / 2017 / liam gallagher
  • damonalbarn
  • 90s
  • damon
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Lord death x reader by BandGeek2263
Lord death x readerby Megan Stevens
I mostly made this bc I've always wanted to read a lord death x reader so when I couldn't find one I just decided to make one myself.
  • soul
  • albarn
  • eater
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Fatal Decisions (Maka Albarn X Male Reader)  by Sakamaki_FanFics
Fatal Decisions (Maka Albarn X 【M -P】
Yn Ln was a Miester. He just entered the DWMA only a few weeks after the awakening of the Kishin, Asura. Together him and a girl that he finds will surpass all madness a...
  • maka
  • evans
  • reader
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stand by me | l.g by artjficially
stand by me | l.gby l ≈
"think i love her mate, i really do." artjficially | 2017 | liam gallagher
  • liamgallagher
  • damonalbarn
  • noelgallagher
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Forbidden Love (Lord Death x Reader sequel) by BandGeek2263
Forbidden Love (Lord Death x Megan Stevens
Sequel to my Lord Death x Reader. Read the first one before this one or you'll be hopelessly lost. ~Chosen children are divine beings with the power of everything. They...
  • souleater
  • blackstar
  • deaththekid
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blur headcanons whoa by cosycoxon
blur headcanons whoaby whoa
there aren't nearly enough of these and i fancy graham so here. i love my boys.
  • alexjames
  • dave
  • coxon
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Girls and Boys -EDITING- by waterlilyreads
Girls and Boys -EDITING-by 🍂Lily🍂
~Damon Albarn~ {90s Damon Albarn} - I remember back in primary school having a crush on Damon, he was the bad boy that all the girls wanted. Every straight girl would g...
  • albarn
  • damon
  • alexjamss
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·Path Of Hate•  Death The Kid x Reader x Soul x Crona by shywritingartist
·Path Of Hate• Death The Kid x Kae
Who would've thought moving back to your childhood town would cause a lot of change, tears, drama and laughs? Let alone getting caught in a love...triangle? nope. more l...
  • anime
  • kid
  • tsubaki
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Wouldn't it be Nice (Gorillaz Fanfic) by ItsDaniLoez
Wouldn't it be Nice (Gorillaz ItsDaniLoez
What if Gorillaz never happened? What if the four band members lived their own normal lives and never even met? Well this is all about to change when they all meet each...
  • damon
  • murdoc
  • russel
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Watch My Heart Bleed [Soul Eater Evans x Reader] by x_Maddy_Massacre_x
Watch My Heart Bleed [Soul Eater x_Maddy_Massacre_x
Your the new girl at Death Weapon Meister Academy. Your quite the curious case, a weapon with no meister. You become fast friends with everyone, but what happens when yo...
  • eater
  • liz
  • kid
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U͟͞n͟͞b͟͞e͟͞a͟͞r͟͞a͟͞b͟͞l͟͞e͟͞ I͟͞n͟͞s͟͞a͟͞n͟͞i͟͞t͟͞y͟͞ [Book One] {FINISHED} by SoulsMeister
U͟͞n͟͞b͟͞e͟͞a͟͞r͟͞a͟͞b͟͞l͟͞e͟͞ I͟͞ 𝓜𝓪𝓴𝓪
The battle with Asura is over. Maka did it; she defeated him. She defeated the Kishin with bravery. After the deadly battle, Maka and her gang are brought into the infir...
  • deathscythe
  • soulxmaka
  • scythe
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Senseless ; A Damon Albarn Fanfic by ilyyAvril_
Senseless ; A Damon Albarn Fanficby Your Main🤤
How would you react if you found out you were really actually texting your favourite band member? Veronica comes across a Kik user and immediately adds, yet to find out...
  • anxiety
  • texting
  • melorock
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The Daughter of Stein: a Soul Eater Fanfic by _dance_tenise_dance_
The Daughter of Stein: a Soul Tenise
Jackie is just a normal girl. Besides the fact that she's a meister, and her dad is a mad scientist and is now teaching at DWMA meaning she would have to enroll. Yeah. S...
  • kid
  • albarn
  • tsubaki
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Rock the casbah (Damon Albarn x reader) by blur_and_biggie
Rock the casbah (Damon Albarn x holla
This doesn't need a description.
  • readerxcharacter
  • theclash
  • daverowntree
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SoMa one-shots by Soul-Maka
SoMa one-shotsby Werido
All those amazing hallucinations that we get from watching Soul Eater. Here's our favorite pair, Maka and Soul, in a book called SoMa One-Shots. And don't forget there'r...
  • maka
  • makaalbarn
  • fanfiction
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Soul Mates [Kid x Maka]. by yunglavender
Soul Mates [Kid x Maka].by Young Lavender
This is a Kid x Maka fanfic. Maka and Death The Kid are crushing on each other. The problem is neither of them would make the first move. Every day that passes by, they...
  • patti
  • kidma
  • animefanfiction
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