How it began

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3rd person POV

It was your first day at the DWMA and you were quite nervous. The first thing you had to do was go speak with lord death and you didn't really know where he was. When you got to the top of the stairs leading to the very large building you sigh, 

"This is going to take forever." You told yourself. 

"No that's what I'm here for. I'm guessing your (Y/N). I'm Death the kid and I'm here to escort you to my father." Spoke a boy with three white stripes on one side of his hair. 

"Yes I'm (Y/N). If I may ask. Are you lord death's son?" You ask, Death the Kid. He nodded and motioned for you to follow him.

Time skip 

You bowed towards Death the Kid telling him thank you for his help. He bowed his head slightly and said, 

"It's no problem. You are perfectly symmetrical. So I don't mind." With that he left for his class. You entered the large metal door that stood in front of you. When you opened it you saw a line of devices that were meant to behead people for executions a long time ago. You walked straight forward to see a floating platform with clouds surrounding it. Standing on the platform was a person in a white skull mask and black robes. Standing beside that person was a red haired man with a suit on. 

"Hiya. Wassup. How ya doing? I'm lord death and this is death scythe." Said, the masked figure pointing to the red haired man. 

'Lord death has such a comical voice.' You thought. His voice made you giggle. You smiled at him and said, 

"Hello Lord death and death scythe. I'm-" 

"(Y/N) yeah we know." Death scythe interrupted, with blank face. You could tell already that you and him weren't going to get along at all. You both glared at each other until lord death spoke up breaking the silence. 

"Anyway, (Y/N). I have a question for you." He spoke up. You turned your attention to him. 

"And what would that be?" You asked the positive grim reaper. 

"Are you a weapon or a meister?" He asked you curiosity filling his voice. 

"I am a weapon. I have collected 99 Kishin souls already but I don't want to take any chances with the witch's soul that I have to collect. I don't have a meister either." You told him. 

"How did you know that is how you became a death scythe?" Lord death asked. You smiled at him and said,

"I've always wanted to come here so I've done my research." That seemed to peak his curiosity. 

"What kind of weapon are you then?" He asked holding out his hand as if he was saying 'transform I'm interested now.' You thought for a second then told him, 

"I actually don't have one weapon form. I can turn into whatever weapon you want me to." You rubbed the back of your neck. Even with his mask on you could see him smile. 

"Well, turn into a scythe, please." He said with his hand still out towards you. You grabbed his hand and did as he asked of you. When you turned you where a (f/c) and black scythe. 

"Well, what do you think?" You asked him while blushing. You didn't know what it was about him but something about him made you feel like you had butterflies in your stomach. 

"I think that when you get that last witch's soul I'll enjoy having you as a weapon." He said while swinging you around a bit. After awhile he threw you in the air and you transformed back, not knowing how high he threw you. When you looked down you saw yourself falling from a great hight. You we're expect to feel hard concrete. So, you closed your eyes and waited for that feeling but instead of feeling that you felt soft cloth. You opened your eyes to see lord death holding you bridal style. You blushed a very dark shade of red, jumped out of his arms, and apologized to him not even noticing that death scythe (spirit) was not in the room any more. He lifted your chin up so you were looking at each other. Causing you to blush even darker. However, as soon as the blush is there it's gone. You and death just sit there staring at each other other for a while. Finally, you broke the silence by ask him for your schedule. He gave you your schedule and you were off to class.

Lord death's POV

When she asked for her schedule I was quite embarrassed to admit to myself that I had gotten lost in her (e/c) eyes. When I gave her the schedule she went off to class and as soon as the door closed the blush that I was fighting made it's way up to my checks and my mask tinted pink.

'She's a student. You barely know her, but even so I can't deny what I feel towards her.' I thought to myself. 

"Still, she can't know." I thought aloud. 'I also need to find her a meister for her to get that last soul to become a death scythe.' I thought as well. 

"This is going to be a long year." I said.

This is my first story ever so I'm sorry if it sucks. Don't kill me if it dose. Anyway, if this gets hmm let's see 8 votes I'll continue the story.
For now Megan out.

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