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HUNTERS & THEIR PREY. by karljacobsclockwork
"this is manhunt, and Karl knew he needed to survive. This year was different and instead of them putting Dream as a target, it was Karl. He hated this, wishing he...
☆addicted to you☆ Karlnap♡ by M0nstarr_
☆addicted to you☆ Karlnap♡by M0nstarr_
"You should stop taking them" he said, refusing to face me. "What should I take then?" I desperately asked. "Take me instead" TWs and CWs w...
play me ( KARLNAP ) by yunasearth
play me ( KARLNAP )by yuna 😘
" play me, I don't care. " STR!PPER AU CUZ WHY NOT? #29- karlnap 9/4/23 #4 - podcast 8/14/23
𝐌𝐘 𝐀𝐒𝐘𝐌𝐌𝐄𝐓𝐑𝐈𝐂𝐀𝐋 𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐂𝐊  ☆  Death the Kid x Reader by XxKiddycatxX
❝ it's important to recognize the difference between want and need cause I may love you but having you is not necessarily good for me ❞ ...
Symmetrical Attraction by masteraceae
Symmetrical Attractionby Mauve
DTK x GN Reader You're not sure why this boy freaked out about the symmetry of your weapons, but you're not exactly mad about his excitement.
Lord death x reader by BandGeek2263
Lord death x readerby Megan Stevens
I mostly made this bc I've always wanted to read a lord death x reader so when I couldn't find one I just decided to make one myself.
You're Truly Special {Death The Kid x Reader} by annieafterlife
You're Truly Special {Death The Ki...by Annieafterlife
As you've grown up your life has never been easy. You've struggled with the loss of your father and the poor relationship with your mother. After many years of strugglin...
My Love (Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl) by Dnf4Eva21
My Love (Dream, George, Sapnap, Ka...by Dnf4ever21
Fluff oneshots with Dream, George, Sapnap and Karl! 💙
dream team oneshots by punzznapp
dream team oneshotsby <3
one shots ★﹐dream.﹗﹑ ★﹐georgenotfound.﹗﹑ ★﹐sapnap.﹗﹑ - I try and write these and gender neutral as I can !! i want everyone to be able to read and enjoy!! * I WILL BE...
DTK Smut/fluff Shots by RATZ_notfound
DTK Smut/fluff Shotsby Ratz
*cover art does not belong to me* Dnf and Karlnap<3 If anyone's boundaries change I'll take this down
~Genderbent Dreamteam+Karl oneshots~ by meep_03
~Genderbent Dreamteam+Karl oneshot...by meep_03
Every fic will be genderbent, so all relationships are wlw/ nblw. I'm reposting these from my ao3 account, Lemon_was_taken :] I will be posting a screenshot of the ao3...
Killer Love by Chlo_Drummonds15
Killer Loveby (•anime lover•)
Clayton 'dream' Wastaken is in an Insane Asylum for mass murder, killed more than thousands. George Notfound is in an insane Asylum for killing his family and accusing t...
Souls wasting away (Dr. Stein x student reader) by Angelhappy99
Souls wasting away (Dr. Stein x st...by ItsJustAngel
As you've found yourself alone in life, you found you are better fighting alone. As your own weapon/mister you share nothing. Your own apartment. Classes are lonely. Aft...
Through The Madness  (Soul Eater/Stein x Marie fanfic) by Alicat_Writes
Through The Madness (Soul Eater/S...by Alicat
A new villain brings madness back to Death City, strongly effecting Stein. Can Marie and the kids save him before it's too late? (Soul Eater and its characters/setting d...
"The New Girl is a Kishin!?" (Soul Eater Various x F!Reader) by AnimeBearHugs
"The New Girl is a Kishin!?" (Soul...by ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ
(Soul Eater Various x Female! Kishin! Reader) Cover Art does not belong to me. A new and somewhat mysterious female student shows up at the DWMA. She wields weapons of f...
 (soul eater x reader) by kayeC123
(soul eater x reader)by kayeC123
so i deleted my first story 'cause i hated it so here is a new one
Igniting A Flame (DTKxreader) by kneesna15
Igniting A Flame (DTKxreader)by kneesna15
Your demon weapon abilities arose, and your parents decided it was best to send you to the famed DWMA. Quickly you are accepted by others, and that's when you meet Death...
Soul Eater Preferences  by Shalnarkynark
Soul Eater Preferences by Name change
Thanks for the support on my Soul Eater Boys X Reader! Because of that I decided to make a Preference and imagine book! Will include (request if you want anyone else) So...
Are You Sure I'm Special? {Sequel to You're Truly Special} by annieafterlife
Are You Sure I'm Special? {Sequel...by Annieafterlife
You've awoken from your coma but nothing is the same. The black blood inside of you is driving you insane and a new threat, even more powerful than Scorpious, has risen...