She loves me, she loves me not? She loves me.

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Chosen children are divine beings with the power of everything. They have a ruler which is you. But every chosen child has a pair. Meaning another chosen child with the same power as them, you are no exception. If pairs find each other they become stronger and become partners. Normally, pairs are of the same gender. However, you have an exception of that. Also, you are the strongest chosen child ever created but you are afraid of your power because it is still growing and you don't know how much power you will have.

Lord Death's POV

I was in the death room, as normal, when I heard the death room door open and close I looked behind me to see Maka walking towards me. "Hello, lord death. Is (Y/N) around?" Maka asked. I looked at her and said "She's not here she's on her lunch break right now." She nodded and as she was leaving the door opened. (Y/N) and Soul walked in talking about soul resonance. "Soul, transform." Maka ordered her weapon. "What?" Soul questioned. "Just turn into a scythe already." Maka said again. Soul transformed and Maka pointed at (Y/N) saying "(Y/N), I challenge you to a duel." (Y/N) just chuckled and said "Two against one. That's not fair." I was about to step in and stop this when (Y/N) looked towards me, her eyes gleaming purple, and said "Don't even think about it. She wishes to duel me. So be it." Maia's eyes widened as (Y/N) made a katana come into her hand. "(Y/N), you're not part witch. You're a chosen child." I said realizing why her soul wavelength is so strange. "Very good. You've finally figured it out." She said smiling. This smile was truthful though. 'Did she really love me all this time or was that a lie as well.' I thought. She looked at me and said "Yes. I do truthfully love you." I nodded and Maka began the fight. '(Y/N) has got to be the strongest choose child alive. I'd hate to image what she'd be like with her pair.' I thought as she simply was fighting one of my best meister and weapon pairs without even putting up an effort. "This is becoming very time consuming. Don't make me hurt you, Maka." (Y/N) said kicking Maka to the ground. However, Maka was persistent. (Y/N) blocked one of the young Meister's attacks and sighed. "Let's go! Soul Resonance!!" Maka and Soul yelled in union. Finally I had enough of this meaningless battle. So, I blocked Maka's attack and 'reaper chopped' her. She fell to the ground dropping Soul holding her head. "Maka!" Soul yelled. "I'm fine. Lord Death, why would you hurt me?" Maka asked sounding hurt. "I was protect who I love. Weather she loves me back or not." I said as (Y/N) went over to Maka to heal her but Maka didn't accept this and swung at (Y/N). She dodged the punch easily and put her hands in the air saying "Fine, Fine." 'She loves me? She loves me not?' I thought as (Y/N) walked by and said "I love you."

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