Classical as ever *️⃣ Bucky.

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Song: J. Strauss II: Wiener Gemüts-Walzer, Op.116

Imagine: going undercover with Bucky, your part is to distract everyone while Steve and Nat sneak into the office and steal some files.

'Okay, you need to cause a distraction so we can sneak past everyone to the office...' Nat whispers and you look at Bucky, he's talking with some other gentlemen but still managed to glance at you with every opportunity he has.

You were at quite a fancy party tonight, which involves fancy clothes, which you were not a fan off.

You wore heels most time of the day, but in combination with a long red dress, walking was very hard. And then the cleavage it gave you, definitely something you weren't comfortable with either, but if it's everyone else didn't seem to mind.

But somehow Bucky was the only one looking right into your eyes, he was the one man you didn't have to tell "my eyes are up here". Giving you some more confidence.

'I might know something, Buck you up for a dance?' You ask with a small smile.

'I'm on my way...'

(Song above starts playing)

Everyone enters the dance floor including you and Bucky.

He has a hand on your back and the other is holding your hand while your other hand is on his shoulder.

'I have to remind you, this dance is nothing like the 40s...'

'I had such a feeling...' he smirks as everyone starts dancing at the same time.

It starts out slow and speeds up a few times, but both of you manage to execute every dance move perfectly, catching the eyes of everyone in the room.

'I think it's working doll...'

'Yeah, I guessed that from the look of their faces...James...' you smirk.

'We're wrapping up now, when the song ends you have to mingle in the crowd again and find a way or as soon as possible, but don't make it obvious...'

'You wanted us to create a diversion, which is working out very well by the way, and then you want to make us leave unnoticed..' you say through your gritted teeth as you maintain a smile on your face while looking at Bucky at the same time.

'It's a little late for that now Nat!'

'Relax we will make it out..' Bucky cuts in and you look him straight in the eye, knowing he will notice the murderous look in them.

'I like that confidence Buck...' Steve finally speaks up and you roll your eyes.

'If I make it out I'm killing all three of you I swear...' you squeeze Bucky's hand and e seems to get the message.

'Listen we will...Uh I don't know...we will throw like a mist bomb in or something, we will take care of it...'

'Yeah because that worked out last time...'

The song ends and you two walk off while people are gently clapping for you .

'You were amazing...' you turn around to face the man and woman you just kind of robbed.

'Oh thank you...' you smile politely.

'So how long have you been together?' The female asks.

'Oh we-'

'Three years now...' Bucky snakes his arm around your waist and pulls you against him.

'You make a very handsome couple..'

'Yes indeed, imagine the gorgeous children they would create!..' the lady exclaims fairly happy, kind of creeping you out a bit.

'Well as happy as I am being here, I think it's time we should go, I'm very tired...' you glance at Bucky and he nods.

'It was a very nice party sir, thank you for inviting us...' Bucky thanks them and walks out with you.

'That was easy...' you sigh as you two start walking down the road. Back to the beginning of the fence where Nat and Steve will be waiting.

'Y/n...I hope you don't mind me saying you were my girlfriend..'

'I don't mind...'

'There was a reason behind it though, I....I kinda wanted it to be true though...'

You stop in your tracks with your eyes wide open.

Did he just say what you think he did?.

You turn around with a frown.

'I thought you'd want to know...' he looks at his shoes and you smile at his shyness.

You stand close to him and tilt his chin with his fingers, making him look at you.

'I'm glad you told me...' you smile, you close your eyes and slowly lean in, placing your lips onto Bucky's.

Suddenly a bright light makes you both turn your head and you see Steve and Nat standing in the distance shining their lights at you.

'Busted...' they both smirk and you start to laugh.

A/N : so you're probably thinking, why two updates?, well...I am very happy!. 😂😍 so enjoy the two updates..

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